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How to Monetize Valentine’s Day on OnlyFans

Blog Post Written By: Melrose Michaels


We all know that Valentine's Day is a hallmark holiday. But for an industry built on desire, lust, and sex, it can be the perfect opportunity to leverage the idea of romance, love, and companionship. In this blog, I outline three creative ways you can monetize your fans around the holiday and increase earnings on OnlyFans. Feel free to implement these across all your platforms or tweak them and improve upon them.

Let’s get into the first one!

Be My Valentine? 💘

Ask your fans to be your Valentine. Pick out 2 of your favorite Valentine’s Day-esque looks, whether that’s red or pink lingerie or a red or pink dress. You’re going to shoot photos in both of these outfits so that you have a few options in both looks. Ultimately, you’ll choose one SFW photo and one NSFW photo in each outfit. 

Then, you’re going to divide your subscribers into two lists or two halves.

On OnlyFans, you can add your fans to lists, this way, you can mass message your specific lists. So, for example, I have an A list and a B list to split-test things. 

If you’re not using OnlyFans or can’t build lists on whatever subscription platform you’re using, you can simply send one look (let’s say the pink lingerie look) to half your list as a mass message, and the second look (let’s say red lingerie) to the other half of your list. 

For both variations of this mass message, you will have the SFW picture set for a ‘free preview’ or for a fee, so the fan can see it without paying to unlock it, and the NSFW picture is locked for a price. You’ll set up the mass messages to fan group A and fan group B in the same way. The SFW photo is free, and the NSFW photo is paid. The caption you’ll use on both mass messages will be the same because we’re not testing the copy or caption but rather the look or lingerie you’re sending them. 

The caption you’ll add to the message is:

“Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I don’t want to spend it alone…do you? If you want to be my Valentine and receive a SUPER exclusive Vday Video for unlock on Feb 14th, unlock this message to get on the list!”

You can price the photo for unlock at whatever price you feel is valid for the NSFW photo you took and attached to the message. 

Again, you’ll use that same caption on both mass messages you send. Except for mass message 1, using the first look (we’re calling it pink lingerie), you’ll send it to the first half of your fans. Then, for the second mass message, you'll send it to the second half of your fans using the second look (we’re calling it red lingerie). 

This aims to split test which ‘look’ your fan base wants to see you in more. You’ll be able to tell by which mass message gets more unlocks. 

You’ll then use this data to decide what ‘look’ you use for filming your actual Valentine's Day video. If the pink lingerie mass message to half your list got more unlocks, then you’ll use that lingerie to film the Valentine’s video. If the red lingerie look got more unlocks, then film the Valentine’s Day video in that look.

Not only are you gathering data in advance that will help you get better unlock and open rates when sending the actual video content on Valentine's Day, but you’re also getting paid to split-test your audience. You can use this tactic as often as you want to split-test anything. Content, Captions, Thumbnails, etc! 

One clever thing I’ve done in the past is split test video thumbnails to my audience on OnlyFans by sending one thumbnail to half my audience and an alternative thumbnail to the other half so that when I post my video to my clip store on Clips4Sale or ManyVids, I know which thumbnail will perform best. Since the majority of us post our content first on our subscription platforms, it gives us a great opportunity to use it as a testing ground before cascading content to other platforms like clip stores. 

Since I post to multiple subscription platforms (Onlyfans, then Fancentro, etc.), once I’ve split-tested my thumbnails on Onlyfans to my A list and B list, I know when I cascade content to my subscribers on Fancentro and which thumbnail to use. Just like with the clip stores. 

Most creators don’t stop to think about how much thumbnails impact unlocks or clip purchases for their business. But there’s an entire science behind good thumbnails. YouTube creators test tons of thumbnails before posting their content so they have the best chance of success on the video. Big porn companies and studios test TONS of thumbnails before they push their content out to their marketing channels. Creators can and should do the same.

It’s Time to Film! 🎬

Just like with content you’ve made in the past, you’re going to create a Valentine's Day-themed video for your fans to enjoy on February 14th. Wear whatever look performed best in your split test, and then perform the type of content you’re most known for, or that historically performs the best. For example, my JOI content performs really well, so I might make a JOI Valentine’s Day video. If your solo masturbation-type content performs best, do that. If you’re a fetish or domme creator, maybe do something aligned with that instead.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure at the end of this Valentine's Day video you say, “What? You want more?” This is going to set you up for the third way to monetize your audience…

Use an alternate ending clip 🎥

An alternate ending clip is a separate 2-5 minute clip that provides an additional or bonus ending to your original clip. So, for example, if my Valentine’s video is a JOI and ends with me telling the fan or viewer they can climax when I count backward from zero, maybe the alternate ending video is a climax countdown that ends orally or with a facial.

If you’re creating a solo masturbation video, maybe the main video ends with you climaxing using your fingers, whereas the alternate ending is using a toy. If you’re a fetish creator, maybe the main video ends with climax denial, whereas the alternate ending allows the viewer or fan to climax. You get the gist.

This is going to allow you to have a third clip to sell as an impulse buy after they bought the main Valentine's Day video. When the main Valentine video sends on February 14th, and people start unlocking it, you’ll send whoever unlocks that main video the alternate ending video immediately after. This way, at the height of their emotional and physiological state, where desire and lust are at a peak, you hit them with one more clip (the alternate ending clip), which will then have the best chance of unlocking due to the state they’re in. 

Reminder 💡

Ultimately, these strategies allow you to monetize 3 times over on the Valentine's Day holiday. First, by getting paid to split test the lingerie or look, then by getting better unlock rates on your main Valentine's Day video, and then finally, by hitting your already spending fans with one last impulse buy at the height of their emotional and psychological state! 

While I’m framing these strategies within the context of a Valentine’s Day video and a way to monetize the holiday, you could absolutely use this across all content at any given time within your adult business. If you decide to implement any of this strategy into your February content, I’d love to hear how it went for you, so please share your results with us by tweeting or DMing us on Twitter.

Happy monetizing! 🤑


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