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How to Start an OnlyFans

Blog Post Written By: Melrose Michaels


If you've ever considered starting an OnlyFans but felt overwhelmed by the prospect, fear not. With the right strategy and approach, success is entirely within your grasp. In this mini-guide, we'll take you through the step-by-step process of setting up your OnlyFans account and acquiring your first subscribers.

Finding Your Niche

The first step in embarking on your OnlyFans journey is choosing a niche. Your niche will define the primary content theme of your account. Popular niches on the platform include gamer girl, hotwife, amateur, and more. Take your time in selecting the right niche that resonates with you.

Planning Your Posting Schedule

Operating an OnlyFans account can be time-consuming, so it's crucial to plan your posting schedule carefully. Decide how frequently you'll post and allocate time for content creation. Building a backlog of content can be incredibly helpful if you have other commitments outside of OnlyFans. Check out my blog about how to create and streamline OnlyFans workflows with your adult business to help you figure out your own posting process.

Setting Up Your OnlyFans Profile

Setting up your profile is the next crucial step. Creating an OnlyFans account is similar to signing up for any other social media platform. You'll need to choose a username and display name. Your username serves as the URL of your profile, so select something you won't regret. Your display name is what the public and your subscribers will see. Consider incorporating your niche into your display name for better SEO and memorability.

Eye-Catching Profile Imagery

Adding profile and banner images is essential for attracting subscribers. Opt for high-quality images that showcase your best assets without revealing everything.

Crafting an Effective Bio

Your bio description is equally important and plays a crucial role in converting visitors into paying subscribers. Be clear, specific, and concise when describing what you offer on your OnlyFans. Here's an example of my own bio...feel free to take it and change up the copy, pricing, offers and SEO keywords to make it your own!👇

Verification and Payment Information

Verifying your OnlyFans account is necessary before adding your payment information. OnlyFans has a strict verification process, so follow their guidelines to increase your chances of approval. Once verified, add your payment information to start earning money. Consider creating a separate bank account for your OnlyFans income to simplify tax payments.

Choosing Between Free and Paid

After setting up your profile, decide whether to have a free page or a paid page. While a free page may attract a larger audience, a paid page allows you to monetize your content from the outset.

Pricing Strategies and Content

Set an affordable monthly rate for your page and consider offering bundles and discounts to encourage subscriptions. Keep in mind that most earnings on OnlyFans come from direct messages, where users unlock exclusive content. Subscription revenue is just one part of the equation. If you want to learn more about how to price your OnlyFans page and content, check out this blog.

Engaging with New Subscribers

Create a 'welcome message' in your settings that gets DM'd to fans after they subscribe. This is a great way to engage with them in DMs and start building a rapport.

Privacy and Follower Count

In your settings, you can restrict specific countries from reaching your profile for enhanced anonymity. You can also choose to hide your follower count initially, which can attract more subscribers, as users tend to subscribe to creators with a 'following.'

Content Creation

Now that your profile and page are set up, it's time to start producing content. You'll need to create three types of content: content for your OnlyFans page, content for social media promotion, and pay-per-view content. Post high-quality content on your OnlyFans page to retain subscribers, use more toned-down content for social media promotion, and reserve your most explicit content for pay-per-view messages. Optimizing your SFW and NSFW content is the key to success.

Promotion and Engagement

Promoting your OnlyFans is essential for gaining subscribers. OnlyFans doesn't have an internal search algorithm, so actively promote your page on external platforms like social media so learn how to make business decisions by utilizing data from outside sources. Engage with your audience and consider collaborating with other creators through the use of Telegram groups and other methods. Starting your OnlyFans journey as a newcomer will require thorough planning and dedication. With the right strategy, however, you can build a successful and lucrative platform.

By selecting a niche, creating a posting schedule, setting up your profile, producing high-quality content, and actively promoting your page, you can embark on your OnlyFans career confidently. Remember that success may take time, but with patience and effort, you can thrive in this online industry.

So, are you ready to start your OnlyFans adventure? Go ahead, take the plunge, and enjoy the journey ahead! 🚀


Have a question about starting an OnlyFans? DM or tag @sexworkceo on Twitter and Instagram, or send us an email. We're always here to help; it's what we love to do! Want to be part of the conversation? Join us on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. CST on Twitter, where we discuss new topics weekly to help take your adult content creator business to the next level. Unable to make it live? No problem! You can listen to all our past Twitter Spaces here.


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