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Get our Telegram bot that sends you daily trending content ideas, professionally written captions for feed, ppv, & clip store, ALL with CTAs to unlock, tip, etc to increase sales!

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Use this spreadsheet to track your content workflow so you always know where AND what to publish it next!

Go to “File > Make Copy”

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Grab these storyline ideas for FREE. These are perfect for when you need some inspiration on your next show! 


This is a great lighting option for new models just entering the industry and veterans alike! Available on Amazon .

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This inexpensive 3 point lighting kit set up is great for using when filming more cinematic content. Available on Amazon.

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This table top ring light is great for cell phone content but can also be used for live webcamming as well. Available on Amazon.

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This table top lighting kit is the perfect desktop set up for your live webcam/or Twitch stream. Available on Amazon.

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This Logitech webcam is the camgirl's go-to live stream camera. 1080HD, wide angle with built in mic. Available on Amazon.

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This is a great entry level podcast mic that will provide quality sound without breaking the bank. Available on Amazon.

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These are the content creation tools I'm obsessed with right now! Available on Amazon.

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These are the books that have helped grow & shape me as an entrepreneur. Available on Amazon.

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Check out our FAQ section for the most commonly asked creator questions and concerns.

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Industry-friendly tax preparation/planning, bookkeeping, LLC & S-Corp formation. Please use our referral form when inquiring to let them know who sent you!

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Credit to Sophie Ladder for creating and maintaining this spreadsheet with up to date information on site restrictions


The Free Speech Coalition is an excellent resource for performer collaboration checklists & health and safety resources.

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Pineapple support is a community-based organization that provides mental health services to the SW industry.

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WeCamgirls is a community where cammodels can talk to their adult business colleagues. A safe place to interact, discuss and connect. Trusted by thousands of successful models, WeCamgirls became the top community for cam performers.


Foot Modeling Advice and Tips from a professional Foot Model

  • Safety, Privacy, and How To

  • Onlyfans and Loyalfans Tips

  • Classic Pose Examples




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Recent years have seen a panic over “online red-light districts,” which supposedly seduce vulnerable young women into a life of degradation, and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s live tweeting of a Cambodian brothel raid. But rarely do these fearful, salacious dispatches come from sex workers themselves, and rarely do they deviate from the position that sex workers must be rescued from their condition, and the industry simply abolished — a position common among feminists and conservatives alike...(Read More)


This collection of narrative essays by sex workers presents a crystal-clear rejoinder: there's never been a better time to fight for justice. Responding to the resurgence of the #MeToo movement in 2017, sex workers from across the industry—hookers and prostitutes, strippers and dancers, porn stars, cam models, Dommes and subs alike—complicate narratives of sexual harassment and violence, and expand conversations often limited to normative workplaces...(Read More).

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The erotic webcam industry, also known as “camming,” is a thriving global business. Angela Jones takes readers inside this multi-billion dollar industry, revealing how its workers experience intimacy, community, empowerment―and, as she compellingly argues, pleasure. Drawing on in-depth interviews, survey data, web analytics, and more, Jones highlights not only the dangers, but also the rewards, of working in one of the most taboo corners of the Internet...(Read More).

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This one-of-a-kind book shares intimate personal stories of porn performers "coming out" to family, friends, partners, lovers, and community. The contributors represent a wide range of races, ethnicities, and genders...(Read More).

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Sex work is “easy money?” Hardly. The adult industry is riddled with pitfalls and dangers. Erotic labor is often emotionally demanding, draining, and complex. It can be hard to know who to turn to for advice on keeping yourself safe and sane...(Read More)


Everyone learns best their own way, and from instructors who speak their language. Feel free to continue learning with any of these other qualified educators.

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Centro U

Centro University is a complete educational guide to success on the Fancentro platform. 


Amberly Rothfield

Amberly Rothfield's business, marketing and consulting tools and resources.

  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO
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Mila Rose

Mila Rose's complete video guide on how to be a successful webcam model and creator!

  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO
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Everything you need to know about owning your own site is here, taught by experts, for free.

  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO
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Free Speech Coalition

The Free Speech Coalition has a complete 'newcomers' guide for anyone venturing into the sex work industry.

Lola Davina

Published author with educational and anecdotal books about sex work.

  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO
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An "organized escorts" complete guide to business, including everything from managing appointments to finance.

  • Sex Work CEO
  • Sex Work CEO

Racks to Riches

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Planners, courses, and merch are all available for you here. 

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