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Sex Work CEO's value is in it being the first to offer educational tools and resources with the goal of empowering creators to become successful inside and outside the industry. The only way we're able to do that is by keeping our courses FREE for online sex workers. Sponsorships help offset the costs of producing, distributing, and organizing our courses while providing a unique opportunity for collaboration. 

Sponsors will have the ability to communicate via sponsored courses, highlighting how their product can be of value to online sex workers and their business model. Being a sponsor demonstrates that you are aligned with the online sex work community's values and that you're listening to our needs and pain points while working to create solutions to them. Sponsoring Sex Work CEO offers the unique opportunity to educate models on how to use your product or service so that they have an understanding of it, and are set up for success on your platform from day one. We aim to streamline success and synergy between your company and creators for the first time ever.

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Each month, you choose three key messages for creators. MelRose expertly crafts a compelling 5-10 minute YouTube video, seamlessly integrating your chosen messages into the content.


This single YouTube video undergoes our content transformation process, resulting in a diverse array of content across various platforms, including:

  • 3 SWCEO Vertical Videos (3 YouTube Shorts, 3 Instagram Reels, 3 Pinterest Videos)

  • 3 Threads (3 Twitter/X threads, 3 IG Threads app posts)

  • 3 IG carousel posts

  • 1 YT community post

  • 1 Blog post

  • 1 Email blast

This process translates to an impressive 21 unique promotional touchpoints across all our channels within 30 days, from 12 distinctive content pieces, ensuring your message has maximum exposure to our content creator audience.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Monthly consulting: You will have one hour of consulting time with MelRose regarding feedback on your product or platform, introductions to valuable contacts, or assistance with anything else she can help with. 

  • Prominent Brand Exposure: Your company name, social media handles, and relevant links* will be prominently featured in video descriptions (*Please note that adult content links cannot be listed on YouTube).

  • Strategic Sponsorship Plugs: Gain visibility in our community through sponsorship mentions on panels at conventions, during our Twitter spaces, and within authentic social media conversations with the community. This level of engagement is unmatched.

  • Homepage Integration: We will integrate your logo (“Sponsored by”) on our website homepage, indicating that your company proudly sponsors our platform.

  • SWCEO Endorsement: Showcase the SWCEO logo on your company's platform, blog articles, and newsletters, affirming your status as a 'Sex Work CEO endorsed platform’ (optional).

  • Monthly Insights: As a platform sponsor, you'll receive a monthly 'deck' via email, providing an overview of each content piece. Easily track the comments, replies, views, engagement, and impressions associated with each piece, allowing you to gauge the impact of your sponsorship.


  • A SWCEO video created specifically for your brand or product. I will walk the creator through the functionality, how it benefits them, and more

  • The video will be featured in our monthly newsletter 

  • Special offers (sign-on bonuses, discounts, etc) can be featured

  • The video will be promoted on our social media channels, including @SexWorkCEO & @MelRoseMichaels 

  • A direct link to your service on the YouTube video description

  • An edited version of the final video for you to use on your platforms


  • For some brands, a more in-depth exploration may make more sense. For example, a platform could break its courses into different areas of functionality.

  • A special SWCEO educational course specifically on brand or product. While the video production and execution will be done by my team, we will work with you to understand topics and benefits, and we can discuss structure. In the video MelRose will walk the creator through the functionality, how it benefits them, and more. 

  • Mentions in the video about the sponsorship, as well as a sponsored logo at the end.

  • The course will receive a special feature in our monthly newsletter. 

  • The video will be promoted on our social media channels, including @SexWorkCEO & @MelRoseMichaels.

  • A direct link to your service on the YouTube video description.

  • An edited version of the final video for you to use on your platforms.

  • Sponsoring an entire course ensures your brand or product will be the focal point on SexWorkCEO for the duration of one entire month, as your 5-course video won’t be competing with other sponsored course videos during that month.


  • Sponsored Newsletters

  • Sponsored Twitter Space

  • Podcast Sponsor

  • Consulting

Looking for something specific? We’re happy to work with you to help you achieve your goals in reaching this market. While more robust sponsorship opportunities will become available as SWCEO grows, we’re always happy to talk about a custom solution for your brand or product. Fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch soon!




We believe in full transparency with our community about sponsorships and are selective about which partners we choose to work with. Our decision to work with a sponsor itself is a sign that we believe in the product, and can genuinely recommend it to our audience as a solution to a pain point they have in their business.


All sponsored content is wholly designed and created by SWCEO. We are happy to work with sponsors to let them know points of reference that they feel are valuable, and to help conceive and design larger courses. But all content is included at the discretion of the SWCEO team. 


However, if we do not feel that the brand is a good fit, or if we have concerns, we will discuss those with you ahead of time. Communication and authenticity are key values of the SWCEO brand.


As you know, the sex work community has few allies. SWCEO will ALWAYS be an ally to this community. If a sponsor finds itself at odds with the values of the sex work, (for example, a sponsor funds organizations or legislation actively damaging the adult space), we reserve the right to remove the course or content from the platform at our sole discretion without a refund.



Being a Sex Work Official Sponsor doesn't just allow you to bridge the gap between company and creator, it also builds trust in your brand by partnering with the community itself.

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