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  • Can you give some tips on pricing clips? Do you do it based on the number of minutes or something else?
    It really depends on the content itself but generally I do about $1 per minute of the clip if its solo. And $2/min if it’s with someone else as a general guide. But again that will vary per creator and if the content is high cost to make it difficult to produce/extreme. Check out our blog for more pricing tips: Unlocking Profit: The Science of Pricing Adult Content
  • What does one do when you live in an area where talent testing is not available? Do you just get a regular test?
    You can do remote testing by having @MPOWERRATL mail you your testing materials, do a tele-med call to get walked through the process and mail it to the lab. It’ll be in the clear/pass system and everything!
  • I record my content in 4K, is that good or do you recommend changing it?
    It depends on what memory you have available and where you edit. Very few adult platforms can actually accommodate 4k playback and it increases import / export time during the editing process so I don’t bother with it personally. It’s ultimately your call.
  • I'm wondering if you can recommend having a management company to handle OF and if so if there are some you'd recommend?
    Your best bet is to hire a personal assistant either through word of mouth or off Upwork and train them how to run your pages. Most agencies take 50% and won’t take on a page earning less that $20k/m unfortunately.
  • What is a sexting set?
    A sexting set is some SFW selfies, SFW teasing clips, then additional selfies & clips that gradually get more explicit & have a “climax”. All clips are 1 min or less, and you send these locked during your sexting sessions when you have content that matches what’s being described Here's the full outline of what my sexting set content is made of: 🤳A safe-for-work selfie (I send this for free at the beginning of a conversation) 🎥 A sfw but flirty or teasing video clip 🔞 A not-safe-for-work topless photo. 😉 A nsfw topless teasing video clip 🥵 A nsfw nude teasing video clip with touching 🤯 A nsfw nude video clip showing explicit play 🤤 A nsfw nude video clip showing explicit play plus close-ups 💦 A nsfw nude video clip, showing explicit play and climax 😘 A second topless selfie usually with a kissy face or an after-glow pic (I send this for free as a kind gesture if they’ve unlocked all previous content) All of my video clips are less than one minute long and all clips are filmed using one of my favorite filters and saved directly to my phone for ease of shooting and not needing to edit anything.
  • Should I upload my content to my fansite or clip store first?
    I have a workflow that a majority of my content follows so that I can monetize it as much as humanly as possible. Ultimately each content piece gets monetized 3x over - here's how... 1. First, new content gets set out in PPV DMs that fans have to pay to unlock at a high price point. This allows you to capitalize on your biggest spenders. 2. Second, that content goes onto the feed to pay to unlock. This capitalizes on fans that aren't necessarily active in DMs. 3. Third, that content goes up on my clip store. This is where it will live ultimately & create passive/residual income for me. It's basically the final stop on the content train. Bonus tip: If you run a Premium Snapchat still, you'll post new content there first, then in ppvs, feed, & clip store (and monetize 4x over). Disclaimer - I no longer personally run my business this way ONLY because I run my Onlyfans like a premium snapchat & post everything to my feed for the sub price. But if you're not going to create content daily for that type of business model, this is the way to go.
  • What filter or camera do you use?
    iPhone 14 + CapCut
  • I’ve applied to this premium chat/fansite multiple times and had my application rejected every time for ‘content violating terms of service’. Do you have any insight into what that means?
    Make sure to remove "FMTY" or anything about in-person work from your bio. Better yet, create entirely separate personas and accounts - one for in-person and one for adult content. Any online adult company that does an application process will be more likely to deny you if you have this information on socials because if any credit card company they work with clicks off your new SextPanther profile to your Twitter and sees in-person work mentioned, that platform could lose it’s processing ability because of SESTA/FOSTA (and essentially be done for as a company). It sucks but I’m betting that is the issue. I would remove all traces from that off socials you’re submitting and try again.
  • Is it necessary to file the quarterly estimated tax return? I have also reached out to a CPA, but other creators mentioned simply doing a lump sum.
    I’m not a financial advisor so I can’t give advice on these things, just a disclaimer, but if you have have a business or an LLC I would highly recommend filing quarterly returns. If you do a lump sum each year you will get hit hard with penalties and fees with your taxes.
  • I have a question about paid traffic, what are you using to advertise?
    Paid shoutouts on GigSocial (formerly Shoutout Express) mainly. However you need to track the results and test them to see if it’s worth it. It can get expensive with low/no ROI if you’re not carefully tracking.
  • Where do I get an invoice for your Telegram bot?
    The payments are automatic so we don’t actually “invoice” for them. Stripe processes the transactions automatically so you can get an invoice via Stripe. So whatever payment you used you’ll see the transactions in your “activity” or your “statement”.
  • What is the SWCEO Daily Telegram Bot?
    The SWCEO Daily Telegram bot sends you one trending solo content idea with professionally written captions each day at around 10 am CST. It includes all captions for feed, ppv, & clip store, ALL with calls to action to unlock, tip, etc. to increase sales PLUS additional creative filming tips and suggestions. The bot is just $14.99/mo (less than .50 cents a day) and is a mix of vanilla & femdom/fetish content ideas. Cancel any time in within the Telegram bot, no questions asked. Get a free 3-day trial here:
  • How do I unsubscribe from the Telegram bot?
    If you’d like to unsubscribe you can with one click inside the Telegram bot message itself - just write /membershipstatus into the bot.
  • How do I start an OnlyFans?
    Read our blog here about how to start an OnlyFans. We have plans to release more in depth material soon, so stay tuned and make sure you're following us everywhere to stay up to date!
  • How do you create a unique tracking link for social media and promo on OnlyFans?
    In OnlyFans go to Settings > Profile > Subscription > Tracking Links > Create New Tracking Link. When you copy the link, it will have a suffix.
  • Do hashtags work for SWs on Twitter?
    Hashtags are outdated. Every word is searchable now on Twitter. So there’s not a real need to use them unless you simply want to. There's evidence now to suggest that using sw related hashtags on any social media site can actually get you shadowbanned or worse. I personally don’t find much use for them unless you want to encourage a community hashtag for brand value. For example we use #CEOsquad so that if someone wants to search for all our branded stuff in one place they can.
  • You mentioned not to use linktree on Instagram to promote spicy sites like Onlyfans and SextPanther. What what do you recommend?
    On Instagram I wouldn’t use linktree because they’ve deleted IGs of creators using linktree. I’d use another type of the same product. (I use, others use tapmybio etc) As for promoting SextPanther I would not promote that on IG at all because their homepage is explicit. So there’s nudity. Which means you can’t link to it from IG. So only promote SP on Twitter.
  • After losing several accounts on social media, should we be doing SFW on socials with a bit of spice mixed in?
    Yes. Safe for work on socials 💯. You can see how PG my own IG is for example. When posting to Twitter I’d advise a SFW Twitter (mine is @melrosegames) and also have your explicit one. The best option is to create a SFW brand/niche and funnel your audience to your NSFW socials/platforms. Here are some additional resources on this topic: How To Optimize SFW & NSFW Content 8 Untapped Niches in the Adult Industry 28 ideas to inspire you to build out your SFW brand Why you need a SFW social online presence and how it nurtures your NSFW one
  • Is it necessary to have all the social media accounts to promote ourselves?
    It helps to be everywhere for sure. But my advice is to focus on one main “home” and then promote others later. Ex SWCEO is focused on Twitter/X since adult creators are centralized here. Our next priority is our YouTube channel. So growing the platforms one at a time makes it much more manageable.
  • What do you think about twitter monetization?
    If you get approved - try it. I don’t know many adult profiles getting approved so I don’t have a lot of data/insight to go off of honestly. My personal Twitter has been tied up in the “review” process for over a year from when I first applied. I don’t expect they can approve adult profiles / profiles with any trace of past explicit content because they don’t meet age verification or 2257 standards though.
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