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Three Ways to Increase Your Holiday Sales

Blog Post Written By: Melrose Michaels


The holiday season is more than just a time for spreading cheer; it's also a golden opportunity for adult content creators to boost their earnings. As the year winds down, savvy creators know that embracing the spirit of the season can lead to a substantial increase in holiday sales. So, in this blog, we'll discuss three ingenious holiday strategies that will help you maximize your income across your creator fan sites, clip stores, and PPV DMs. I’ve used all of these in my career or implemented some variations. Disclaimer: these are ‘Christmas’ themed, so if you do not celebrate Christmas, these may be less valuable for you or require more reworking to implement variations of them. That being said, the first strategy is what I'm calling ‘The 12 days of Christmas”.

The 12 Days of Christmas

This timeless holiday classic is more than just a catchy tune. It's a blueprint for captivating your audience's attention and creating a sense of anticipation. We will explore how to adapt this concept to your fansite, clip store, and PPV DMs for twelve consecutive days leading up to the holiday. This strategy requires 12 distinctive pieces of holiday content, making it the most time-intensive of the strategies we’ll discuss in this blog. That doesn’t mean the other strategies you’ll hear later in the space won’t work for you. The other tactics we’ll go over require two pieces of content or no content at all. So, even if this one is too content-heavy, keep reading! I want to note that because this one is so content-heavy, it’s also the most lucrative.

The 12 days of Christmas holiday strategy is a brilliant way for adult content creators to capitalize on the festive season and engage with their audience uniquely and creatively. By creating 12 distinctive pieces of content that align with Christmas themes, adult creators can effectively monetize their platforms and offer their fans something special to enjoy during the holiday season.

For example, reworking the classic 12 Days of Christmas song or poem with an adult content creator spin can add a fun and playful twist to the traditional holiday-themed content. By creating videos and captions that align with each day of Christmas, creators can offer their fans a unique and engaging experience that is both festive and alluring and maximizes earnings.

First, you need to rework the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ song itself into the 12 content ideas you want to do. During this stage, you must carefully choose each piece of content that aligns with your personal boundaries and comfort levels, as that’s the only way this strategy will be authentic and enjoyable for you and your audience. And remember, the song escalates in number of items, so you must incorporate those ‘numbers’ into your content idea. Here’s the original framework of the song to refresh your memory: On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me;

A partridge in a pear tree

(and then the song repeats and adds)

Two turtle doves

Three French hens

four calling birds

five gold rings

six geese a-laying

seven swans a-swimming

eight maids a-milking

nine ladies dancing

ten lords a-leaping

eleven pipers piping

twelve drummers drumming

As you see, there’s a ‘numbers element’ to this as well to consider. I’ll give you the first two of my personal 12 Days of Christmas outline to get your wheels spinning.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me

Red lace to wear next to the tree


On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me

Two thigh-high stockings

And Red lace to wear next to the tree

Now, you can see how I’m reworking the song to align with adult content. But what is the actual content I’m creating? So, for the ‘first’ day of Christmas piece of content, I’d film something in red lace lingerie, either a lingerie striptease video or a lingerie worship type of video. And then for the ‘second day of Christmas,’ I’d film something that incorporates thigh-high stockings, like maybe a stocking fetish or foot fetish video.

Creating poetic captions to accompany each piece of content can add a layer of creativity and engagement for your fans. By integrating the lyrics or themes of the 12 Days of Christmas into their captions, you can further immerse their audience in the holiday spirit and entice them to explore and purchase your content. Below, I’ll demonstrate this using the same examples from my own personal ‘12 days of Christmas playbook’.

For the first piece of my 12 days of Christmas content, the red lace lingerie striptease, I would use a poetic caption like this:

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,

Red lace lingerie. A sight for all to see.

Underneath the Christmas tree, a tempting mystery,

Unlock this clip and set desire free.

And because I have the call to cation ‘unlock this clip’ right there in the poem, I can now use this cation for a locked clip on my fansite feed, as a locked PPV message, or as a locked mass message on a platform like SextPanther. But how do I modify it for my clip store? Easy: simply replace ‘unlock’ with ‘purchase.’ Then, that same caption is ready with a call to action for your clip store description. Here’s the modified example;

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,

Red lace lingerie. A sight for all to see.

Underneath the Christmas tree, a tempting mystery,

Purchase this clip and set desire free.

You could even rework the same caption’s call to action to work for a live cam show on your cam site or video call on SextPanther. The live cam show promotion might look something like this:

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,

Red lace lingerie. A sight for all to see.

Underneath the Christmas tree, a tempting mystery,

Join me live on cam right now and set desire free.

Or a pay-per-minute video call CTA which could go something like this:

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,

Red lace lingerie. A sight for all to see.

Underneath the Christmas tree, a tempting mystery,

I’m online for live calls now, Let’s set desire free.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to use this tactic when it comes to the platforms you’re implementing it on. The same content can be used across a wide variety of platforms, helping you maximize and monetize 12x over on each! Let me demonstrate one more example of this using my ‘second day of Christmas’ content idea, the two thigh-high stockings or stocking fetish clip. Here is the caption I would use for a locked clip on my fansite feed, in my PPV DMs, or as a locked mass message on SextPanther.

On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,

Two thigh-high stockings, a sultry sight to see.

Beneath the tree, where passion’s key.

Unlock this gift for you from me.

Then we can rework the clip store description:

On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,

Two thigh-high stockings, a sultry sight to see.

Beneath the tree, where passion’s key.

Purchase this clip for you from me.

And reformat it again for a live cam show promo post:

On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,

Two thigh-high stockings, a sultry sight to see.

Beneath the tree, where passion’s key.

Join me live to accept this gift from me.

And finally, a live pay-per-minute call promotion:

On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,

Two thigh-high stockings, a sultry sight to see.

Beneath the tree, where passion’s key.

I’m accepting live calls, a gift to you from me.

Something to note about this strategy is that you’d have to start publishing the content as of December 13th to push out one piece daily until Christmas to cover 12 consecutive days. (This includes weekends) So, if you’re thinking about doing this, you have from now until December 12th to get all 12 pieces of content filmed and edited.

Hopefully, this demonstrates the general idea of using this familiar Christmas song to guide content creation, copy, and distribution so that you can monetize 12x as much this holiday season. Ultimately, the 12 days of Christmas holiday strategy offers adult content creators a unique opportunity to connect with their audience in a festive and playful way. By creating distinctive and engaging content that aligns with the holiday season, you can effectively monetize your platforms and offer your fans something special to enjoy and look forward to for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

Want the full 12 Days of Christmas ideas and captions plus CTAs all wrapped up for you? Head over to the SWCEO Shop and pick it up so you can get to creating right now!

Now, I know you are probably like, woah, Mel, that’s an insane amount of content to pump out! I get it. That strategy will likely work best for creators who run their business in a content-heavy way, like I do. But stay with me because the next two holiday tactics are much less intense in the content department and can still make you a pretty penny if implemented correctly!

Now, on to the second strategy…

The Naughty and Nice List

Santa's not the only one making lists during the holidays. I’m going to explain how to curate your own "naughty and nice list" of fans in different ways to monetize different platforms. This strategy only requires you to film two pieces of content, a ‘nice’ video and a ‘naughty’ one. Typically, for me, the nice video is a 10-15 minute long video, wearing white or silver lingerie and being incredibly generous with the acts in the video itself. Maybe it starts as a JOI video with instructions until the viewer cums once, then round two with a BJ scene until they ‘cum in my mouth,’ and then finally a round three using a realistic toy on myself for their third finish.

In contrast, the ‘naughty video’ would be me in black lingerie, with more of a domme type attitude, and would take them through the same acts except with cum denial until the end. So a JOI that teases and edges them, a BJ where I keep stopping and talking down to them, and finally, I cum at the end of the video using a toy of my choice while telling them they aren’t allowed to. Once you have your naughty and nice videos filmed, you strategically distribute them across your platforms.

For example, on my fansite specifically, I would send a mass message of the ‘nice video’ that’s ‘locked’ for a certain price to reward subscribers who have renew turned on. I’d include a caption similar to something along these lines:

Because you have renew turned ON, you’ve landed on the ‘Nice list’ this year! ONLY the lucky and loyal few are getting access to this ‘Nice list’ video, and you’re one of them. Nice guys don’t finish last around here. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. They finish 3 times because you’ve graciously stayed subscribed month after month - I’m in an especially ‘giving mood’. Unlock this clip to see just how generous I’m feeling

This will increase unlocks because the content seems rare and is only specifically available to certain fans as a reward for certain behaviors. Not only will it get good unlocks, but it’s going to teach fans that keeping Rebill turned on matters on your page and is valued and taken note of. Hopefully, this will increase the number of renewals on subscribers in the future. This strategy doesn’t only make you money in the short term by monetizing content in locked PPV DMs, but it can also increase the retention on your page as a whole - which is good for your adult business overall!

Now, how do we implement the naughty list video in PPV DMs? We do something similar, except the inverse. We mass message the ‘naughty list’ video to fans who have renew turned off and to expired fans. Remember, the only way to mass message expired fans is if you’ve already followed them back - this is why it’s important to follow back (or subscribe to them for free). Once they expire off your page, you can mass message your ‘following’ list of fans and exclude your ‘fans’ list, meaning the mass message only goes to your expired subscribers.

So, what caption do we include for our renew off and expired fans when sending them the naughty list video to unlock? Well, here’s what I would use:

If you’re seeing this...It’s because you’ve landed on the ‘Naughty List’ this year. ONLY Naughty List fans are getting access to this video…And the only way you could’ve ended up on the Naughty List is if you’ve expired off my page - or your renew is turned off and you’re about to. Here, naughty boys get punished in the best way I know how...With endless teasing and edging, until finally, you’re forced to watch me cum and clean up the mess. Unlock this video to receive your punishment.

..IF you unlock this video, accept your punishment and either subscribe or TURN REBILL BACK ON, It’ll land you back on my ‘Nice List’.. And trust me.. The ‘Nice list video’ will have you cumming 3x at least…

So again, you’ll notice we’re using the FOMO strategy to let the fan know this video is rare and they are only seeing it for a specific reason. We’re using a call to action that engages them and ideally increases the unlock rate. But most importantly, we’re letting them know there’s an additional video waiting for them IF they unlock this first one, resub, or turn renew back on. This should entice the expired users to resubscribe or those about to subscribe to activate the rebill option and increase the lifetime value as a customer on your fan page.

How do we use these videos to our advantage outside of DMs? Well, if you don’t want to use the DMs approach (my favorite for the naughty/nice list), then you can switch it up by having an actual ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ list on your fansite feed. This is a good approach if you’re also running the 12 days of Christmas strategy so that you're not doing too much at once in PPV DMs.

To implement the ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ list on your fansite feed, simply create a post and pin it to your feed that asks fans which list they want to be on (or both) and have them tip the post. Tell them everyone who tips the post will get their naughty or nice video in their inbox on Christmas day (which you can schedule). For example, this is what my ‘Naughty & Nice List’ pinned post on my fansite feed might read like… I’m making a list, checking it twice, and I’m gonna expose myself to who’s naughty and nice! Tip this post $15 to get yourself on the ‘Nice List’, and you’ll see me add your @ username under the ‘nice list’ section of this post! Tip $14 to get yourself on the ‘Naughty List’ and you’ll see me add your @ username under the ‘naughty list’ section of this post! Think you can handle both? I’m not so sure.. But you can tip $29 to get on BOTH lists and receive BOTH videos! You can no longer join the Nice or Naughty list after December 22nd, so don’t wait until the last minute! The Naughty & Nice List videos will hit your inbox Christmas morning as my creamy little treat to you!

The benefit (at least on Onlyfans) of @ tagging your users in the post itself is a form of social proof that you can leverage, essentially highlighting or ‘shouting out’ fans who performed the behavior you want to reinforce. This social proof will then encourage more fans to follow suit, growing your tips in the process. As I said, this is a great way to implement the Nice/Naughty list strategy if you’re already doing the 12 days of Christmas in the PPV DMs.

You’re probably wondering how to utilize this on your clip store or sexting platform. Well, you can post both the naughty and nice videos to your clip store and, in the description, tell fans that whichever video they purchase is the list they are on this Christmas. You can do the same thing in a mass message or content unlock for fans on your sexting site as well. And, of course, you can ask fans to tip to join a nice or naughty live show on cam or in a video call. The possibilities are endless - you just have to think creatively about incorporating them.

This brings us to the final holiday strategy I want to cover…

The Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Gift-giving is a central part of the holiday season, and you can harness this tradition to your advantage. Organize a "Secret Santa" event within your fansite via DMs. Encourage fan-to-fan gifting and reap the rewards as your content becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s how you do this. Send out a mess message to fans explaining that the holiday is for giving, and you want to give them the opportunity to GIFT a stranger either a 1-month subscription to your fan site OR a single video for free. For me specifically, my fansite is $25 dollars a month, and the average video I send out is about $15. So, in this mass message, I would explain that if they (an active subscriber) wanted to GIFT a stranger either a 30-day subscription or a video, all they’d have to do is TIP that amount. Once they’ve done this, I would either create a 30-day ‘free trial’ link for a one-month subscription to give to an expired fan or send an expired fan a free video - explaining that it was a Christmas gift from a current subscriber.

I would keep track of each active fan's generosity by adding them to a pinned feed post, @ username tagging them, and publicly showing who they gifted to (and their @ username) in the post. Again, this social proof will encourage more fans to participate, and the expired fan who receives the gift can comment a thank you on the post itself.

You could even take this further by expanding it to your Twitter and giving the free 30-day trial gifts to people who have never been on your fansite. If you really want to get fans engaged in this, you can tweet:

Today, X fan (tagging them on Twitter) is playing Secret Santa on my Onlyfans and is gifting a one-month subscription to a lucky follower. Comment below if you’d like to be the fan that receives their generous gift, and if chosen, I’ll DM you the free trial link!

This creates social proof on social media that will amplify the engagement, reach new timelines, and increase your visibility throughout December.

The benefit of this Secret Santa tactic is obvious because it brings new or expired fans to your page who may appreciate the sense of community and generosity. Then, hopefully, they will stay and start spending. Even if they didn’t - and they were always a freeloader and will always be a freeloader, you monetized an active fan to spend on something without creating new content. Essentially, monetizing goodwill. This is the easiest way to increase earnings this December without having to create any additional content at all. Seems like a Christmas miracle, right?

How to Increase Holiday Sales Final Thoughts

These holiday strategies are more than just a festive touch; they're powerful tools to engage your audience, boost your income, and spread holiday “JOI” 😉 among your most dedicated fans. Hopefully, you take what you’ve learned here today, Let's dive into the details and make this holiday season the most profitable one yet!


If you enjoyed this blog, you'll really love the Twitter Space we did focusing on this topic. We had a packed space and had some great input and questions at the end, so this is your sign to hit play (as if you needed one 😉).

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