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Why Creators Are Flocking to Slushy

Updated: Apr 30

SWCEO Interviews Paige Amaze

Blog Post Written By: MelRose Michaels


Slushy is turning heads in the adult content world with its unique approach to helping adult creators succeed.

Paige Amaze, a Florida native and single mother, transitioned from a corporate healthcare role to digital marketing and creator support in the entertainment industry, where she tackled significant stigma and challenges. Her experiences led her to start a coaching business to help other creators. With over a decade of experience in marketing and coaching, Paige now plays a key role at SLUSHY, focusing on marketing and creator success. She's passionate about online privacy, security, and empowering creators. Paige is also preparing to launch a podcast to share her journey, insights, and advice for making a mark in the digital world.

Paige sat down with MelRose Michaels in a recent Twitter Space to discuss how the platform supports and empowers its users. Their discussion revealed why Slushy is becoming a go-to for creators looking for more than just a place to share content.

MelRose Michaels: Slushy is well-known, not just for the sponsorship but also from my experience with the platform and the educational videos we've shared. I'm keen to know, how did Slushy become a part of your journey?

Paige Amaze: It's quite a story. I discovered Slushy almost a year ago through social media's meme-style content, which piqued my interest. Though initially confusing, I recognized its uniqueness as a content creator marketplace. Despite some initial challenges with its features, Slushy’s branding and tech potential were impressive. I shared my insights with the marketing team and founders, which led to my involvement in contributing to its rapid development and growth.

MelRose Michaels: That's an inspiring story. It's exciting to be part of Slushy's growth, which is rare in a typically more static industry. The sense of contribution and evolution from the start is thrilling.

Your enthusiasm for Slushy's journey and hands-on development process shines through. Regular meetings and swift updates from feedback are not common, and your involvement seems pivotal. Your passion and the founders' expertise create a dynamic environment, making it a rewarding experience to be at the forefront of Slushy's evolution.

Paige Amaze: Absolutely, it's a thrilling experience. Every day is energizing, and I often have to remind myself to pace my excitement. The team is hands-on and incredibly responsive, iterating quickly based on feedback from both creators and the developer meetings I attend each morning. Seeing immediate updates is remarkable. It's empowering to have a voice that's heard and to work with founders who are not only tech-savvy but also astute in business. Being part of Slushy's inception feels momentous, and learning from the founders has been immensely educational and exciting.

MelRose Michaels: I completely understand; our paths seem to have parallels. As a top performer and ambassador for another platform, I gained a wealth of experience across different roles. Offering feedback was part of my journey, much like yours.

Now, focusing on my business, I've noticed that the feedback loop is typically slow, often due to communication issues, non-local development teams, or a backlog of requests. But Slushy's quick implementation and serious consideration of creator suggestions stand out. Like you, I audited Slushy and provided my insights, which were quickly acted upon. This responsiveness is rare and it forges a bond, making us feel integral to the platform's evolution and success.

It’s validating to hear others share these experiences. As an educator and the face of SWCEO, my feedback is usually taken seriously, but it's exceptional to see that Slushy values all creator input equally. Instances, where creators get direct contact with the CEO or immediate support help, are exceptionally rare, which makes Slushy’s approach even more impressive.

Paige Amaze: It's quite remarkable. I initially approached the team with my audit and suggestions as an outsider; they weren't seeking me out, I pushed for a role. They welcomed my insights and proposed I help with customer support, which surprised me since it's not my usual domain. But the dedication of David, our CEO, and Fred, our CTO—actively involved in every aspect, including fielding calls—compelled me to jump in.

Initially taking on support to assist them, my role quickly evolved. Fred, within minutes of training, chose to let me explore my strengths. This flexibility led to creative freedom, a core value Slushy upholds unlike any other platform. Instead of penalizing creators for missteps, we engage with them to understand and resolve their issues, offering genuine support rather than restrictions.

We even offer in-app advertising with transparent data, which is effective and insightful, not just a facade like some analytics out there. This supportive, flexible approach is what makes working with Slushy so unique and gratifying.

MelRose Michaels: 100%. Our test ad on Slushy yielded incredible results. It’s important that you highlight Slushy’s approach to not penalize creators for driving traffic to other platforms while they settle in. Given the industry's dominant players, it’s refreshing to see Slushy’s flexibility, including campaigns that can direct traffic to other services.

This may change, but it seems Slushy understands that allowing creators the freedom to operate as they wish is a strong strategy. Providing creators with agency and support as they navigate and grow positions Slushy as a potential primary platform for many. This is a stark contrast to the limited support elsewhere, and it's a promising shift in the industry landscape.

Paige Amaze: You're absolutely right. And just like you were saying about gatekeeping, we don’t practice that here. If there's a prominent creator who's branching out, we're here to provide support that helps them expand, not just on Slushy but beyond. Their growth feeds back into their Slushy presence—it's counterproductive to constrain them.

In the industry, there's a lot happening behind the scenes, and we’re transparent about it. We have our guidelines, but we understand every creator is different, and we respect that. We consider each situation individually whether it's me or anyone on the creator success team. At other platforms, it's been a battle with visibility and stigmas, and it felt like advocating for change was just echoing into the void.

Let’s talk about our Discord—it's vibrant, lively, and full of amazing feedback and community spirit. That sense of connection and direct dialogue was something I found missing elsewhere. Being with Slushy, it’s only been a little over two months, and the impact and acknowledgment of my contributions have been profound. They listen, and while not every idea of mine is perfect for Slushy, the dialogue is always open. This genuine support from the team sets Slushy apart and makes working here so gratifying.

MelRose Michaels: Knowing I'm not alone in these experiences is comforting. Having walked a similar path, especially with SexWorks CEO and our rigorously vetted sponsors, we stand firm in our values. We endorse companies that truly embody their promises, and if they deviate, we don't hesitate to cut ties.

Much of Sex Work CEO is still self-funded through my own creator revenue, preserving the independence to decline sponsorships and avoid becoming a mere spokesperson. Collaborating with Slushy means we genuinely believe in their vision and their respect for creative freedom. We're thrilled about the upcoming unique ventures with them.

Pivoting to what our listeners probably associate most with Slushy—its reputation as the adult version of TikTok. It's evident in the user experience as a creator on the platform. For those not as familiar, could you elaborate on how Slushy aligns with this and what it offers creators?

Paige Amaze: Initially, Slushy's concept seemed akin to a mature version of TikTok, which intrigued me, considering the constant deplatforming issues creators face there. I’ve been kicked off TikTok three or four times, and with recent changes, it’s not worth my energy anymore.

In my role as a coach, I’ve helped creators develop their brands, and many have naturally inquired about Slushy, echoing my initial confusion. They perceive it as an adult TikTok, but it’s far more sophisticated. I signed up last June, and the platform's evolution in less than a year has been significant.

Upon revisiting, it’s clear there's more to it. This isn't just a risqué short-video platform; it’s a powerful tech-driven discovery engine tailored for adult content. The algorithm is adept at matching creators and users based on preferences inferred from interactions, fostering genuine connections with a monetization aspect.

We’re gearing up to unveil what we’re calling version two, which will transform how the site is navigated while maintaining the successful feed feature. Our aim is to transcend the initial impression of Slushy and spotlight the unique capabilities that differentiate us, emphasizing that we offer much more than just spicy content.

MelRose Michaels: From a business perspective, considering Slushy’s tech roots, the progression makes sense. Tech ventures typically start with an MVP—Minimum Viable Product—focusing on the most anticipated user needs. With TikTok’s rise, Slushy’s TikTok-like initial offering tapped into that zeitgeist. They've nailed the algorithmic approach to content discovery that users crave.

What excites me is Slushy’s transition towards being a commerce platform or marketplace, which isn’t common for premium social media. This shift sets Slushy apart, creating a unique space that not only addresses creators’ main issue—discovery and traffic—but also incorporates a marketplace component. The implications of merging these two elements could redefine the platform entirely, which is incredibly thrilling. Can you share more on this evolution and its potential?

Paige Amaze: It is thrilling because what we're doing is redefining the content creator marketplace. When you compare Slushy to the established, subscription-based giants, what we offer is similar yet magnified. We're not afraid to innovate, unlike the traditional platforms that may shy away due to stigmas or established norms.

Our strategy is to implement what creators and users desire within ethical boundaries, and we’re constantly testing. If something doesn't resonate, we're quick to adapt. This flexibility is how we’re tailoring our services to the real wants of creators and customers.

The upcoming changes to Slushy are compelling. The site's redesign, profile customization, and new monetization options are all part of version two. The merch line, for instance, isn’t just merchandise; it's a quality extension of the creator's brand, and we wear it proudly. We're developing avenues for creators to monetize through their own or our merchandise, gifting, and wishlists.

Additionally, our sales and marketing have robust connections across various brands and advertisers. We're set to partner with creators to expand their brands beyond adult content. After all, we're multifaceted individuals, and being pigeonholed isn't what Slushy is about.

Personally, I believe Slushy is a platform I can proudly represent. It's not just another name with attached stigmas. Here, I can integrate my off-platform ventures seamlessly. Slushy is making it easier for creators by combining various elements into one unified, stigma-free platform.

MelRose Michaels: Absolutely, and your merch integration into your profile caught my eye. How did you set that up?

Paige Amaze: On Twitter, if you have a professional account, there's a spotlight feature in the edit profile section. It allows you to showcase a shop, business hours, or even booking links. It’s quite a useful tool for businesses.

MelRose Michaels: I recall trying to link to Twitch on my branded account, but it was limited back then. It's great to learn it’s now expanded to include a variety of links.

Paige Amaze: Definitely, it’s a valuable feature.

MelRose Michaels: I’m eager to hear about live streaming on Slushy. It's a well-known concept in the industry, but Slushy seems to be adding a fresh twist.

Paige Amaze: Right, live streaming on Slushy has been transformative for me. I hadn’t really ventured into camming before joining Slushy. Testing features as part of my role led me to it, and now the streaming functionality is getting a comprehensive update. We're introducing new features that offer customization and address common pain points. Creators will soon be able to set up different types of rooms, adjust pricing, and invite specific groups, among other advanced options.

The community aspect is another standout. My own experience with another creator joining my livestream was unexpected but positively remarkable. She participated and encouraged tips, and the energy was incredible. We've built a supportive creator community where following, messaging, and, soon, co-streaming will be possible.

This collaborative environment has convinced me I'm in the right place. The level of mutual support among creators is unique and one of the many reasons I’m excited about what we’re doing at Slushy.

MelRose Michaels: That genuine support among creators is something special. I aim to be everyone’s cheerleader and love seeing that reciprocated, even though it's still too rare. It's refreshing to hear that Slushy is fostering this kind of positive environment.

Paige Amaze: It's truly remarkable, and without overdoing it, the community at Slushy is unlike any other. It's a place where support isn't a strategy; it’s genuine. We're engaging in meaningful ways, not to poach followers but to uplift each other. This constructive culture isn’t an accident—it’s crafted by the participation of everyone, including leadership.

MelRose Michaels: It’s interesting to see the internal dynamics, too, since many creators don’t get to see behind the curtain of a platform.

Paige Amaze: Inside Slushy, it’s a hive of activity. From Slack huddles to creator communications, our focus is on action and feedback. Unlike some companies that may have grown complacent, we're agile and hands-on. As someone who’s part of the daily developer meetings, I witness the swift progression of features and support.

Our approach is proactive, and the team is handpicked for their ability to work independently and collaboratively. I’m heavily involved with creator onboarding and support, focusing not just on established creators but the new and hungry talent that is often overlooked.

At Slushy, we value the underdog and are eager to nurture the growth of diverse content creators. And the excitement is palpable—every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities, aiming not just to earn but to empower creators to build something from the ground up.

MelRose Michaels: I’ve noticed that Slushy uniquely supports newer or smaller creators looking to grow, unlike other platforms focusing on the top 1% earners. It's smart business to funnel traffic to high converters, but it leaves a vast majority without the means to succeed. Slushy seems poised to level the playing field, offering these creators a genuine chance to flourish.

Paige Amaze: Yes, and I’m directly involved with helping these energetic and dedicated new creators. We provide personalized success strategies, similar to my consulting services, including direct phone access for ongoing guidance on content and growth. It's fulfilling and a breath of fresh air from my past roles, and I'm truly enjoying this deep level of engagement with the creators.

MelRose Michaels: Wrapping up, I'd love your advice for new creators on Slushy on how to maximize their use of the platform.

Paige Amaze: My top tip is to be cautious about explicit content on your public feed. Remember, Slushy operates much like social media. Focus on engagement, not just exposure. Use the feed for teasers and leverage Slushy's features to form genuine connections. Most importantly, don’t give it all away for free. Strategize your content and align it with your goals across all platforms for consistency.

Our onboarding team and support are fantastic resources. We're even creating a comprehensive 'Slushy Bible' for content strategy, which will be invaluable.

One unique aspect of Slushy I must highlight is our affiliate program. Unlike other platforms where you might earn from referring creators, Slushy rewards you when referred users make transactions, a game-changer for creators with large followings.

MelRose Michaels: Affiliate income is crucial for long-term sustainability. Diversifying your income is essential, and affiliate earnings can be a significant part of that.

Paige Amaze: Absolutely, and Slushy has more exciting features rolling out soon. Onboarding new creators to a platform that genuinely offers a fresh approach has been incredibly rewarding. Learning new systems can be daunting, but we’re here to help every step of the way. 


Some parts of the above interview have been condensed or edited for clarity. Listen to the entire Twitter space for the full interview with Paige Amaze.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the interview are those of the guest and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SexWorkCEO or MelRose Michaels. Anything said or written is of their opinion and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone else.



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