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How On-Platform Advertising is Changing the Game in Adult

Blog Post Written By: Melrose Michaels


For adult creators, it's no secret that the struggle to grow your audience and increase revenue is real. And in a world where organic growth seems to be slowing down, the question arises - what can we do differently to break through the noise?

The Power of Paid Advertising

The importance of paid advertising cannot be stressed enough. Traditional methods like shoutouts are no longer as effective as they once were. With the introduction of on-platform advertising, creators have the power to take control of their visibility and attract new followers and subscribers.

Slushy's sponsored post ad is just the beginning, with more ad options on the horizon. The affordability and accessibility of these ads make them a game-changer for adult creators looking to grow their audience.

The Art of Running Successful Ads

When it comes to running successful paid ads, the key lies in split-testing the content. This means you try out different ad content to see which performs best. For example, in Week 1, you use content A in your ad, and in Week 2, you switch to content B. The content that yields better results becomes the winner. Let's say content A outperforms content B.

Now, in Week 3, you introduce a new piece of content, like Content C. If Content C performs better than the previous winner, content A, it becomes the new benchmark for future content. Each time you discover new content that outperforms your current benchmark, it becomes the new standard.

If you're still on the fence about running your first Slushy ad, I encourage you to stay tuned as I continue to share my results and insights with the ads I'll be running! If you haven't already seen the full YouTube video we released about Slushy and my shocking results using their ads, you can watch it here👇



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