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What Does It Take to Host a Booth at Exxxotica? These Creators Share All

SWCEO Interviews Fallon Jane & Friends

Blog Post Written By: MelRose Michaels


Attending adult expos can be an excellent business move for adult performers, but hosting your booth is another experience altogether. MelRose Michaels sat down with a group of performers in a recent Twitter space who decided to take their Exxxotica experience into their own hands and discuss the pros and cons of having your own booth at a conference called Mistresses & Milfs.

Fallon Jane, a 46-year-old mom of three, is an adult and social media content creator based in the Midwest. Standing 6’ tall with a big smile and a silly personality, she loves being authentic with her fans, exploring new kinks, and building a sisterhood with other creators. After losing her 20-year career as a pharmaceutical rep in a merger, she turned her fun side hustle from 2018 into a full-time career in the adult industry. Now, she enjoys being the CEO of her own company, fulfilling her unexpected dream of sharing nude pics and videos online.

Titania Orion is business in the front, party in the back door. Starting as a solo creator in 2020, she made content creation her full-time career in 2022 after getting sober. Now a full-time nomad, she travels the country for collaborations and conventions. Titania loves the business side of the adult industry and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs.

Momma Blonde Bombshell, 43, also known as "Malibu MILF," "Queen B," or "Momma B," is a multifaceted persona. By day, she's the hot bisexual MILF next door; by night, she's ready to teach you a lesson. Her social media journey began in 2021, encouraged by those who saw her charisma and knack for entertaining online. Over the years, she's forged friendships and amassed followers by being herself and embracing her work and connections wholeheartedly.

Melrose Michaels: Thank you for joining us, Fallon Jane, Titania Orion, and Momma Bombshell.

Fallon Jane: Hey, thank you for having us on your show, Melrose.

Melrose Michaels: We're so excited to have you guys. Let's dive right in. How did the idea of pooling resources for a booth at Exxxotica come about?

Momma Bombshell: It started with us girlfriends wanting to experience something new. Fallon reached out, and I was on board immediately. Splitting the cost made it a perfect opportunity.

Fallon Jane: I visited Exxxotica in Chicago two years ago, and my husband suggested I get a booth. Initially, I was hesitant—fear of no one coming to the booth—but I looked into it. A single creator booth was $600, but Exxxotica suggested a company booth for multiple creators.

Melrose Michaels: What's the difference between a single creator booth and a company booth?

Titania Orion: The company booth was around $3,000, split four ways, costing us about $700 each. We opted for the corner booth for better visibility and a promo package.

Melrose Michaels: What were the biggest challenges in the planning stages?

Momma Bombshell: Ensuring everything fit in the booth and represented all of us individually and as a group was challenging.

Fallon Jane: The digital aspects were tough. We had to create a logo, a flyer, and a marketing package. Coordinating all the digital assets was frustrating.

Titania Orion: None of us had done this before, so there was a learning curve. Fallon was our point person, and we relied heavily on her to get all the info.

Melrose Michaels: How did you manage the financial contributions?

Fallon Jane: I put the booth on my credit card, and everyone else CashApped me their share. We also split the hotel cost.

Melrose Michaels: What about unexpected costs?

Fallon Jane: Electricity for lighting and a printer was an extra cost. Internet was expensive, so we didn't opt for it. Banners and business cards were also additional expenses.

Melrose Michaels: Did you know each other before doing this?

Titania Orion: Fallon and I had collabed before. Momma Bombshell and I were in a group chat together, and Inked2plz was a long-time modeling friend. We hadn't all been together before, but it worked out great.

Melrose Michaels: What were your primary goals for having the booth?

Fallon Jane: Gaining subscribers on our paysites, meeting current and new fans, and networking with other creators.

Titania Orion: I was there to network with fans and make connections for future collaborations.

Melrose Michaels: How do you measure the success or ROI from an experience like this?

Fallon Jane: It's hard to quantify. We made cash tips from photos and activities at the booth, which helped cover costs. Networking and future content collaborations also add long-term value.

Momma Bombshell: For me, it was more about the experience and the connections we made. We had a great time together, which is priceless.

Melrose Michaels: Were there any design elements that helped your booth stand out?

Fallon Jane: Yes, we had colorful banners, lights, a custom spanking bench, and interactive elements like a big stuffed penis and a rubber squeezy boob. We made sure to engage with people walking by.

Momma Bombshell: We made sure to be approachable and interactive, not just sit behind a table.

Titania Orion: I wore a harness with a giant dildo for some fun interaction. We kept the energy high.

Melrose Michaels: What marketing channels were most effective for promoting your booth?

Fallon Jane: Twitter was the biggest for me.

Titania Orion: Surprisingly, many fans knew me from Facebook. But Twitter was the main promotion platform.

Melrose Michaels: What key lessons did you learn from this experience?

Fallon Jane: Wear comfortable shoes and don't buy the extra marketing package from Exxxotica. Use your own socials to market.

Titania Orion: Manage your time better. Make sure you eat, hydrate, and plan your resources well.

Momma Bombshell: Start getting your materials ready in advance to avoid last-minute rushes.

Melrose Michaels: Would you consider doing this again?

Fallon Jane: 100%. We're even looking at doing New Jersey Exxxotica October 25-27.

Momma Bombshell and Titania Orion: Definitely.

Melrose Michaels: What advice would you give other adult creators or performers considering doing this?

Fallon Jane: Have some money to start, and don't let fear stop you. Stay positive and enjoy the experience.

Momma Bombshell: Market yourself well in advance and remind people you're going to be there. People will show up if you make the effort.

Titania Orion: Don't let imposter syndrome stop you. Network and make connections—most people in this industry want to help.

Melrose Michaels: This has been amazing. Thank you, Fallon, Titania, and Momma Bombshell, for sharing your experience.


Some parts of the above interview have been condensed or edited for clarity. Listen to the entire Twitter space for the full interview.

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