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My Top Earning SextPanther Strategies

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Blog Post Written By: Melrose Michaels


As most of you know, we released our SextPanther courses last week on our Youtube channel. Before I dive into the top cash-making strategies I speak about in the courses, I want to add a disclaimer: I’m not the owner of, nor am I employed by SextPanther so I am NOT in a position to answer tech or model support questions. For those types of questions, I’d suggest emailing model support on SextPanther at

The things I’m qualified to speak on are regarding the strategies taught in the courses themselves. I’ll do my best to answer those types of inquiries so feel free to reach out to us via e-mail, on social media, or fill out our website contact form if you have any general questions about how to maximize your profits on the platform.

Why is SextPanther So Unique?

The biggest fundamental topic I want to touch on is why messaging on SextPanther is so uniquely different than the way you are messaging on other platforms like OnlyFans, Fansly, or similar fansites. It’s a totally different ecosystem. The audience has entirely different expectations and I think creators don’t realize that when they first start on the platform.

Let me explain what I mean by this...

When messaging on a fansite it's typically it’s small exchanges, asking for tips for a service or content, or sending locked content (like a full-length video) at a sizable price point. On a fansite, you’re not necessarily trying to keep fans chatting but rather make the sale as quickly as possible because your time isn’t being compensated going back and forth with the fans. That’s what makes SextPanther so incredibly unique. You are compensated for each incoming message a fan sends you - at the rate you set. So the priority on SextPanther is generally to keep fans chatting and replying because each incoming message compensates for your time. This business model allows for a much more authentic exchange between you, the creator, and your fan. You can genuinely build deep relationships on SextPanther because you don’t have to necessarily worry about spending too much time on a fan who isn’t tipping or unlocking.

Additionally, the way fans are looking to be engaged with on SextPanther is different than on fansites. On fansites, the users are typically looking to unlock full-length content and videos that have been pre-filmed and edited. Whereas on SextPanther the fans are looking for content that feels like you just shot it in real-time and sent it just to them.

This is why SextPanther is such a great platform for creators who don’t want to spend too much time producing content. Because you can absolutely run your business entirely without full 10-minute production-level content.

SextPanther vs. Fansites

On a fansite, I’ll get a fan who’s inquiring if I have any JOI videos. I’d say "Yeah hun I have a ton of those, it’s actually the type of content I’m most known for. Let me send you something I know you're going to love. I’ll even discount it for you since you’re new here!" Next, I would send a locked piece of content to the fan, he’d pay to unlock it, and that would complete the exchange until the next time I interact with him.

On Sextpanther, a fan will add me to their contacts, and when I ask them what type of things they’re into, they tell me they love JOIs. I’ll reply to them, “You’re in luck, JOI’s are what I’m most known for. Why don’t you take that c*ck out for me and show me what you’re working with?"

Why did I do that? Because it’s going to cost that user money to send me that dick pic. Once he does I’d give the next JOI instruction. Maybe I’d say something like, “Good boy, now I want to see you lather him up with lube for me and start stroking him slowly. Send me a video so I know you’re listening to my instructions correctly.” Now, this user sends me a video that costs him even more money.

The point is that the interaction should be different depending on how fan behavior differs on the platform. If I had just sent that fan a 10-minute JOI video on Sextpanther, the exchange is over, they have the video, and they cum. But when you start sexting and giving them communication slowly, in a drip, they spend money on every exchange, and they spend money on every piece of content sent to you. That one JOI video I could’ve sent them on my fansite would’ve made me only $13. But when you keep them messaging back and forth on SextPanther, requesting content, and giving them a real-time experience, it adds up to more money. They’ve spent $10 in messaging plus at least $30 in content sent to me, which comes out to $40+ profit.

Do you see the difference?

This is why when creators assume Sextpanther is just a messaging platform & they can just have that type of interaction on their fansite, I think they're actually not seeing the big picture. You have to realize that users will always behave a certain way depending on what behavior is fostered in relation to the platform.

Another way to outline that idea is, why do we post pictures on Instagram but not necessarily on TikTok? Because video is native to TikTok, and photos are native to Instagram. Both the creators and the fans are fostered by the platform to behave in accordance with what parameters are native to the platform.

Course Strategies

Now onto some of the strategies from the courses! There is a superpower you can use on Sextpanther and that is knowing how to re-engage users. When you’re active on Sextpanther there are going to be users that come and go, spend their money, and stop replying. It’s so important to have built up the tools to re-engage and get them to reply again.

Take Notes!

The biggest tool is taking phenomenal notes on your users. Here are the key things I try to capture from conversations with fans on SextPanther so that I can use that information later to re-engage them when they are no longer actively replying.

Here's a list of useful fan information:

  • First name

  • What they’re into sexually or kink-wise

  • Married or single

  • correspondence preference (messaging, audio calls, or video calls)

  • What they do for work

Why do I keep notes on these types of things and how do I use that information to re-engage them when they stop replying? First, I text the user with their first name. Then, I’d lightly mention a sexual thing they’re into and maybe incorporate one of the other factors from notes. So, let’s say a user with the first name of John hasn’t been replying to me. In his notes, I see that John likes humiliation, considers themself a ‘slave’ to me who they like to roleplay as their domme, and light financial domination. In his notes, I also see that John works as a manager of a restaurant and that he gets paid on the 15th. Today is the 15th, and this is how I would use this information to try to reengage him in one message: “John, my pathetic little toy, I’m in the mood to have you on your knees worshipping me this morning. We both know you got paid today...tell me how you plan to serve your goddess today?” Do you see how having that information becomes super useful to take note of and use when you need to re-engage the fan? The fan on the receiving end of that message is going to think, "Wow, she remembers me 2 weeks later? She’s thinking about me right now and she wants ME to serve her out of everyone who’s probably writing her?" Those are really big emotional triggers that can drastically increase the likelihood of that fan replying and becoming active again. That is why it’s so important to keep immaculate notes on your Sextpanther contacts.

Groups Feature

In this last section, I want to touch on how powerful the ‘groups’ feature on Sextpanther can be. First, go to your messages, then look to the right side where the notes are and you will see a tab named ‘groups’. On this tab, you can create specific groups and mass message only those groups of users.

You can use this feature however you like to group your users, but I want to highlight one way of using it that is super simple and useful. When getting information on fans you're messaging, always try to note if they prefer messaging, audio calls, or video calls. I do this because it’s a great way to organize users who like audio calls into one group and users who like video calls into another group. This is useful because when you want to start taking audio calls, you can mass message the entire group of users who like that type of interaction and let them know you have audio calls turned on. The same goes for users who like video calls. You can mass message those users only, letting them know you have the video calls feature turned on. You can also make groups of Domme fans, sub fans, group them by certain kinks, and so much more. Notes and grouping go a long way toward being optimized as a creator on SextPanther.


To sum up, SextPanther is an untapped revenue stream that every adult creator should be using as part of their business model. It's important to know the differences between sexting for money and messaging on a fansite so you can set yourself up for success when starting on SextPanther. Additionally, keeping organized with fan notes and groups can help retain users and sustain your SextPanther business. Happy monetizing!


If you enjoyed this blog, you'll really love the Twitter Space we did focusing on this topic. We had a lot of great questions and input from listeners and speakers not mentioned in this blog so make sure to check it out!

Want to be part of the conversation? Join us Tuesdays at 1 pm CST on Twitter where we discuss new topics weekly to help take your adult content creator business to the next level. Unable to make it live? No problem! You can listen to all our past Twitter Spaces here.


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