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The Write Stuff: A Guide to Adult Copywriting

Blog Post Written By: Melrose Michaels


As an adult content creator, crafting compelling copy is crucial for making a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you're writing website copy, video descriptions, or social media posts, the words you choose can shape how your brand is perceived and ultimately drive action. That's why it's essential to upskill your copywriting game. To help you do just that, I've curated a list of top copywriting tactics from some of the world's most respected copywriters. Ready to take your copywriting to the next level? Let's dive in!

Know Your Audience

Crafting persuasive copy requires an essential principle: knowing your audience. You might have heard me emphasize this point before, but it cannot be overstated. Understanding your target audience's needs, interests, pain points, desires, motivations, and how your product or service can address them is crucial to crafting effective copy. To help you develop a deeper understanding of your audience, here are some practical steps you can take:

  • Conduct market research to learn about your target audience's demographics, interests, and behavior. Post polls to your fansite pages, ask your fans in a mass DM what they’d like to see more of from you content-wise and check your social analytics to gauge an idea of your fan demographics.

  • Create buyer personas. Are you looking to create a strong connection with your fans and sell more content? If so, creating buyer personas is a must. These are profiles that represent your ideal customers and provide detailed information about their preferences, behaviors, and interests. By keeping notes on each fan, you can tailor your content and messaging to their specific needs and desires. This means noting down their name, kinks, fetishes, favorite content, whether they have purchased custom videos from you, and other important details like their pet's names. Having access to this information will enable you to communicate with your fans in a more personalized way and increase the chances of them making a purchase. So, take the time to create detailed buyer personas and watch your fan base grow!

  • Use social listening tools to monitor what your audience is saying about your brand and your competitors. An example of a social listening tool is Google alerts. If you go to right now, you can set it up so you receive an email every time you or your brand is spoken about publicly on the internet. I have notifications set up for MelRose Michaels, Sex Work CEO, Networthy, and all my other brands/companies so that whenever those things are mentioned online, I’ll be the first to know about what’s being said. This keeps you hyper-aware of your brand’s perception, as well as the conversations surrounding it. This is a great tool for understanding what people are thinking about and associating with you.

Focus on Benefits

Instead of just listing features, focus on the benefits your product or service provides. Highlight how your offering solves a problem, or desire, or improves your customer's life. Here's how you can do it:

  • Use "you" instead of "we" or "our" to make your copy more customer-centric. Always steer clear of plural language (‘babes’, ‘lovers’, and ‘boys’ as examples). The fan is here looking for a one-on-one intimate experience with you. Using singular language makes them feel like they’re the only person in the room. (Pro tip: this should also be done when filming content, to make the fan feel like they’re there with you & you’re speaking directly to them).

  • Use emotional language to connect with your audience. Here are some ‘emotional’ words you can try to incorporate into your copy.

    • Excitement: Use words that create a sense of excitement, such as "thrilling," "exhilarating," or "amazing."

    • Trust: Use words that create a sense of trust, such as "reliable," "trusted," or "proven."

    • Fear: Use words that create a sense of fear, such as "worried," "anxious," or "concerned." (I’m just concerned if you don’t unlock that video you’ll regret it when I un-send it later).

    • Happiness: Use words that create a sense of happiness, such as "delighted," or "pleased."

    • Urgency: Use words that create a sense of urgency, such as "now," "limited time," or "last chance."

    • Inspiration: Use words that create a sense of inspiration, such as "inspired," "motivated," or "empowered."

    • Curiosity: Use words that create a sense of curiosity, such as "discover," "uncover," or "explore." (I want us to explore the sexual desires you’ve never told anyone you have before babe).

  • Use specific examples to illustrate the benefits of your product or service. This is where I see most creators failing in their copywriting, and where I often stumble myself. What are the benefits of being subscribed to my Onlyfans? New content every day on the feed for the cost of the subscription price. How can I list that benefit using beautiful copy? “I make you cum every day for less than $1 a day”. Consider what your actual offer is, on your fansite, and what you guarantee to provide your subscribers, then write it using beautiful emotionally triggering copy.

Use Emotion

Emotion is a powerful motivator in copywriting. Use storytelling to create an emotional connection with your audience and make them feel a certain way about your product or service. Here's how you can use emotion in your copy:

  • Use vivid language to describe how your product or service can transform your customer's life. Example: “Imagine waking up every morning, hard as a rock, & rolling over to me, smiling at you” This language is very visual, it creates a story.

  • Use metaphors and analogies to create a memorable and relatable image in your audience's mind. “Turning renew on is like whispering in my ear, I want you, not just now, but tomorrow & the day after. You have no idea how hot that is to me, babe.”

  • Use humor or surprise to grab your audience's attention and make your copy more memorable. “We’re going to find out what your pain threshold is for carpal tunnel at this rate babe.”

Create Urgency

Urgency is a powerful psychological trigger that can motivate people to take action. Use phrases like "limited time offer" or "this offer expires at midnight" to create a sense of urgency in your copy. Here's how you can create urgency in your copy:

  • Use time-sensitive language to create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out). Here are some examples of time-sensitive language you can use in your copywriting:

    • Limited time: Use phrases like "limited time," "limited availability," or "ending soon"

    • Urgent: Use words like "urgent," "time-sensitive," or "don't wait" to emphasize the importance of acting quickly.

    • Last chance: Use phrases like "last chance," "final opportunity," or "ending today"

    • Countdown: Use phrases like "countdown," "limited time remaining," or "ending in X days" to create a sense of urgency and emphasize the ticking clock.

    • Immediate: Use words like "immediate," "now," or "act fast" to encourage your audience to take action immediately.

  • Use action-oriented language (CTAs or Calls to action) to encourage your audience to take action now. Examples of CTAs are:

    • Buy now / unlock now / open now

    • Get instant access / get instant access now

    • Open this / unlock this

    • Watch now / press play

    • Tip this post

    • Like / comment / share/save (for social media CTAs)

Use Social Proof

People are more likely to trust and buy from a business that has social proof. Use testimonials and reviews to show your audience that others have had a positive experience with your pages, content, or service. Here's how you can use social proof in your copy:

  • Use quotes or excerpts from customer testimonials to highlight the benefits of your product or service.

  • Use screenshots from DMs of fans positively raving about your page and content. You can post these to social media, or send them out attached to locked PPV msgs, so the fans can see the review for free and be more likely to unlock the content you sent.

Use Strong Post Captions

Your post captions on your fansite feed or social media accounts act as ‘headlines’ for your brand. It’s often the first thing your audience will see, so it's important to make it attention-grabbing. Use strong, action-oriented language to create a sense of excitement and curiosity. Here's how you can create strong headlines:

  • Use power words like "secret", "proven", or "ultimate" to grab your audience's attention.

  • Use numbers or statistics to create a sense of authority and credibility. “80% of fans who come to my page on a free trial stay and resubscribe at full price because they hate the idea of missing out on tonight's new video.”

  • Use questions to pique your audience's curiosity and encourage them to read on. This is why we see so many Instagram captions as questions.

Use Clear and Concise Language

I tweeted about this just recently on SexWorkCEO Twitter, but if your language isn’t simple, clear, and concise, you’ll always lose the sale. You have to make the decision for a fan to spend as easily as possible. Only ever include one CTA in a caption. The moment you add multiple, you’ve reduced its effectiveness.

Avoid using jargon, acronyms, or technical terms that your audience may not be familiar with. Here's how you can use clear and concise language in your copy:

  • Use short sentences and paragraphs to make your copy more readable.

  • Use active voice instead of passive voice to make your copy more engaging.

  • Use bullet points or numbered lists to break up your copy and make it easier to skim.

Test and Optimize

Finally, one of the most important things you can do to improve your copywriting is to test and optimize your copy. Use A/B testing to experiment with different headlines, CTAs, and other elements to see what works best for your audience. A great way to split test copy is to use one version on a feed post or PPV DM going out on your free page, vs. paid page. If you’re on multiple fansites, you can do this by using one copy on Onlyfans, and another on Fansly, or Loyalfans. Here's how you can test and optimize your copy:

  • Create two versions of your copy with one variable changed, such as the language or the CTA.

  • Test each version with a small subset of your audience to see which one performs better.

  • Use the winning version as your new control and test another variable.

By following these actionable steps, you can improve your copywriting skills and create content that resonates with your audience and motivates them to take action. Remember, copywriting is a skill that takes practice, so keep honing your skills and experimenting with different techniques to find what works best for you.

If you enjoyed this blog, you'll really love the Twitter space we did focusing on this topic! You can listen to the recording of that Twitter space here. I think you'd really enjoy it!


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