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Co-Stream Live on OnlyFans Like a Pro

Blog Post Written By: Melrose Michaels


Did you know you can co-stream live with other Onlyfans creators? In this blog, I'm going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it!

Step One

First, go into your Onnlyfans settings and make sure your stream settings allow co-streams with 'subscribers'. You and the other creator must be 'subscribed' to each other for this to work. (Usually, the creators give each other a 1-day free trial so they can co-stream).

Step Two

Now decide who is going to start the stream. Creator A will go live using "TCP" settings. Click the gear in the top right corner and select TCP. Then select mic & camera, and click 'Go Live'.

Step Three

Now when creator B is ready to go live, you'll join creator A's live stream as a viewer. Once you're in their live stream, you'll see a notification appear that allows you to request to join their live stream.

Step Four

Creator A will receive this co-stream request and accept it. At this point, Creator B will confirm their camera and mic settings and they will become live on stream together.

Boom! Now you and your creator friend are live streaming simultaneously! This is a FANTASTIC way to share audiences with other creators that is MUCH more effective than an SFS (Share for Share) and you can even make money doing it! Enjoy!


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