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August 15th Twitter Space: Advice For Adult Creators

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

In this Twitter Space from August 15th, 2023, we talked about OnlyFans Censorship, YouTube, Sexting, Twitter Blue, Increasing Fan engagement, Tips for Male Creators & More

Blog Post Written By: MelRose Michaels


Melrose: I'm going to kick this off with a topic that I found interesting lately: some censorship I've been experiencing on only fans myself. I have seen many creators, not just talking about what I've personally experienced now, where we're getting these flags on our content for toys. They demand that the toy be tagged as another creator in the content.

I recently received a flag on my account for sending a GIF from OnlyFans’ GIF keyboard. And this GIF was not explicit at all. It wasn't anything bad. It was a gif of people cuddling. And even though I appealed that as a flag, they said it stayed even though it was a GIF on their own GIF keyboard. It wasn't content I submitted. It wasn't explicit nature. So, it did not violate any actual terms. So that was concerning.

And then the third thing is that I have yet to see creators say that they're getting flags on audio messages. So there must be something happening within the OF side where they either have a bot or some kind of AI listening to the audio messages and flagging content. In this instance that I have personally seen on Twitter, just going through conversations, this creator said something like “You're killing me” like it's a joke. Like, that's so funny, you're killing me in the flag, and it said the word killing in the audio message as a violation.

So the biggest takeaway that I'm having from all of this aside that it's such a friggin headache (and I'm sure all of you are dealing with this so much as well) is that there seems to be a lot of automated or AI, review of content without a personal human review of content because a lot of context gets left out when that happens. And I foresee that becoming increasingly problematic for us, especially on Onlyfans as a platform. So, if you're listening to this and feel like it's an uphill struggle, you're not alone. I am feeling the heat. Therefore, I'm pretty diversified on platforms, and I still post all of my content that goes up on OF to Fancentro. Most of y'all know I got my start there. It's my second home. And I'm also diversifying into a couple of other platforms, as well as clip stores. I'm focusing my clips on clips4sale. And then also, I've been excited about that new platform. We've talked about Unfiltrd and Slushy, a new one I just discovered that's got a TikTok vibe.

Speaker One: Many businesses have been moving to automation, and it's flagging my stuff left and right. But along with that, I also found that people were having issues with getting their content taken down because of violations. Those were clear violations because it's that particular app’s rules. And I found somebody who made a list of all the different sex worker sites, and they made a list of everything you can and cannot do. It's a Google Docs document that has that list. If you want me to share it, let me know. But also, the main reason I came up to speak is I'm trying to gain more followers as a male sex worker. And I went by a few things you said before by cleaning up my walls so that you know it's neater and people aren't getting free entertainment and clipping certain items out. Certain things are only there for about two to three seconds. But I'm still just having the issues of finding people to follow. I was just getting lucky by being in spaces like this because I'm also trying to build a group of creators so that we can all do that: gain followers and share content under one umbrella.

Melrose: Okay, I love this. So first, that list that you're talking about can be found here. I've seen that floating around, too. As for your question about getting fans, I love the idea of what you're talking about, like structuring a group. If you do go that route in structuring a group where you guys promote each other on IG, make sure the group is niche-specific. So when I'm doing any kind of shoutouts or share for shares to grow my pages, I always make sure the creator is very aligned with me regarding how they look because if their fans like a particular look for me. If it's typically a redhead thing, they'll be more likely or more predisposed to like me.

So, I base it on the visual aspect of the creator being similar in niche. And then also the type of content because when I've done share for shares in the past to grow my pages, if that content that the other creator does is outside the things I do, typically those fans that do subscribe, because maybe they liked the look don't end up staying. So, if you do something group-wise, ensure everyone is aligned, not in how they look, but in the type of content they create.

I have been testing growing fans in general, which can be helpful to everyone listening in. Whenever I find a new way to drive traffic for creators, I test it and put my own dollars up. I spend the money. I run a test and then get results before publicly speaking on it. And one of the things I'm testing is a company that has yet to be made available. So, I consulted with them on the back end as SWCEO to help them build the product better. And it's getting to a point where it's effective. They're almost at launch. So once this this product is ready to launch, I will be screaming it from the rooftops. This is a share-for-share kind of product. But it's unique in that you get a lot of data along with it, making it very useful. And I still need results for the one I will speak to that I am actively testing. It's Pay Per Click. But again, if you want to wait 30 days where I have results from the tests that I spent money on running, and then we can circle back to this, I'll put a reminder for myself, too. I'll share my results. And then that'll give you a better picture of the effectiveness of this. I have tested a lot of pay-per-click traffic for Onlyfans or fan sites. I have yet to find one that is very powerful or very useful, especially not for the cost to run it. So, I'm waiting for the results to come in. But I am actively testing with more significant traffic. I'm running a budgeted campaign.

And then obviously Fanwire, which I've spoken to at length in these spaces. Fanwire is a software that tracks the conversions. So, for example, I'm testing the traffic with creator traffic. And then, because I have Fanwire running, I'll have the data on how well that campaign performed, how many people clicked from the internet onto my profile on Onlyfans, and then how many converted into subscribers. I’m about 30 days away from sharing that data with you because I don't want to promote anything I haven't tested. So, if you are curious and want to put up some money and test yourself, you're more than welcome. But that's what I would stick to for now.

The other thing that I use to promote is Shoutout Express. They've been acquired and now become this website called They have an excellent shout-out dashboard where you can purchase shoutouts on Onlyfans or socials with other creators. You can see their stats, how many followers they have, their engagement, and things of that nature. So, if you are going to make an educated guess on buying a shout-out, I would go to gigsocial, formerly shoutoutexpress. Those are my suggestions. Hopefully, they help.

Speaker Two: I've been watching your YouTube videos. You talked about starting a YouTube channel and telling your SW fans about it. I want to start a dance channel, but I have yet to consider telling my SW fans about it. I have yet to start because I didn't want any fans to know about it and couldn't decide on what my name should be for the channel. I've danced and performed for years before starting online SW work under another name. I was worried about the two different ventures finding out about each other and that it would be unsafe. What is your experience with combining the two, and am I being too worried? Should I use my SW name? My old name or a new name?

Melrose: First off, what is the goal with the YouTube channel that you're starting to create? One of the things creators fail to do, which I did for a long time, is to understand the audience you're targeting. Is the goal for the YouTube channel you're looking to start to curate and attract fans to your spicy platforms? Or is it to build a Safe For Work presence just in general for when you're done with sex work or when that's behind you?

Speaker Two: More safe for work and something where I can get away from this, like an exit strategy.

Melrose: I get that. So then, if you are trying to attract a different audience that is different from the audience you want to find your spicy stuff, rebrand or do it branded with a different name and keep everything separate. I wouldn't mention or associate with your spicy brand. And you can have two completely independent brands. This happens all the time with big corporations, even where they're entirely unrelated. I would treat it as such and then do it under a different name. If you want the people who initially followed your old name, if that's not related to your sex work, then you can still use that name. But if it's going to be safe for work, I would make sure it's different across the board, like the name is unrelated. All of it and all the links go to a different linktree that isn't your sex work link tree and things like that.

Speaker Three: I have a question about streaming and subscription sites. I feel like it's the same customers on every site. So, if I started to branch out and put myself on all these sites, I’d be worried about hosting the same content on multiple sites because I'm assuming that most customers are on all these platforms.

Melrose: I used to think the same thing. I originally started on Fancentro. Then I went to Onlyfans. I was actually kind of late to the OnlyFans game. But I post the same content on both now, and more so than that, the same content goes up simultaneously on my SextPanther feed. And then my clip store on Manyvids, which I'm migrating to clips4sale. So, the content itself doesn't have to be different. You attract the audience on those platforms that are comfortable in those places.

For example, the fans that purchase from a clip store like Manyvids, where they see that content going up, are doubtful to subscribe to a fansite because they like the clip store model. They want to buy it, download it, have it, and not have a subscription and carry on. There's also the differentiation on something like SextPanther, where it's not subscription-based. Those fans also pay a la carte for the content because they probably don't want a subscription. I carry that to different sites because if Onlyfans were to disable me tomorrow, God forbid, at least I have income in a place to send all of my fans that have all the same videos, all the same content, where they can just sign up and pick up where they left off.

There's a benefit to doing the same content across multiple platforms. You can vary or cascade, which is appropriately called when you publish to each place. So, my fan sites get the content first. And then a day later, a week later, or a month later, you can cascade when you publish elsewhere. This way, you can prioritize where you want fans to find you, like Onlyfans, Loyalfans, or whatever it might be as your prominent site, and have your publishing go there first. But there's a massive benefit to being diversified, even with the same content, because it all comes down to the consumers that those websites will track. For example, clips4sale and loyal fans are inherently fetish-focused, so the audience on those platforms will be vastly different than who I am getting on Onlyfans, who's very vanilla looking for Instagram.

Speaker 3: So I can pump out all the content on multiple platforms, and it should be okay. Is what you're saying?

Melrose: It should absolutely be okay. It’s obviously a time-consuming process. But it's worthwhile. When you start attracting more fans, you have to do some promotion, maybe like a tweet with all the variations of platforms with all the links so your fans can pick and choose. If you do multiple fansites or platforms, you should also let people know you prioritize DMS only in one place. So you're trying to avoid managing that across six different sites. So, if you're on SextPanther, you can make that your primary source of one-to-one interaction. Or if you're on Onlyfans and prefer those DMs, you can do that. I would make a statement so fans know where they can reach you access-wise one-on-one, but then give the platforms as options for them to consume how they like.

Speaker 4: I agree with what you said because being there, I've been doing this for 16 years, but not as hard as some. It makes sense to have multiples because I have some people who are diehard and aren't on Onlyfans, but they give them perks for being subscribers, you know, our fans that are on there. But my question right now is kind of a concern that I've been struggling with, being that I've been doing this, and I started by myself, then with my husband as co-stars, and then I kind of tapered off, and now I do mostly predominantly solo stuff. I want to do things with a male partner and collaborate with people, but I have only a few. How do you get away from doing solo? I'm not unapproachable. I put it out there because I want to collab. I've worked with other photographers but find it very cliquish. I want to work with other people. I have a lot of creativity to offer. What do you do? Do you still focus on just yourself and your stuff? Because I've even done a casting call. How do you do it when you want to get a cold start?

Melrose: Going to expos and industry events would be something I would consider prioritizing, maybe not the rest of this year. But going into 2024, put all those days in your calendar. This way, they’re in the back of your mind. And then put out feelers, like tweets, and posts on socials like a month ahead of these expos and be like, “Hey, who's going to XYZ Expo? Are you looking to collab? Hit me in the DM,” and people will message you. I understand it's everyone's prerogative to pick and choose who they want to collab with. But this way, you can filter through your DMS and see if any leads would be valuable. And hopefully, we have male creators in this space. So maybe this will also help to put you in touch with some potential collabs. However, I found many creators at in-person conventions and fan-facing events. That's been a great way to connect and find collabs because you also get a sense of in-person chemistry.

Speaker 5: Is Twitter Blue worth it?

Melrose: This is a controversial one. I keep my decisions purely data-driven. So if it's going to raise my replies in the comments and increase my visibility in terms of the interactions and when I'm writing people back and forth in conversations, that makes it worth it. I believe that the checkmark is worth it. Does that mean it's going to solve all of our problems? No. Does it help in terms of visibility? It does in conversations. So if you're going to take the time to have real conversations with other creators, back and forth with fans, or search up tweets that are going viral and comment on them, that is where you're going to see it is helpful because it's going to put your replies to the top. It's going to give them visibility. And then people will see you visible on those tweets or conversations and follow you as a byproduct or click over to your profile. So, in that way, it's beneficial. But is it going to remove a shadow ban? Absolutely not. Is it going to get you to reappear in the search bar? Probably not. So you have to pick and choose. I find it valuable. That's why we have it on all of our accounts. But it's not going to be a huge change overnight. You still have to do the work of engaging to see its value. You can also test it for three months. I test things on a 90-day running period. But get it for three months. Have a fan tip you to cover the cost and do blue for 90 days to see how you like it and if it makes much of a difference in your impressions and analytics. And then circle back and make that final decision after that. You can always do it that way.

Speaker 6: I've been doing this for about a year and a half, almost two years. I started as a solo creator and then did couples content with my boyfriend. It's been kind of slow, and all the advice I've been getting lately is to do sexting, but I am not a good sexter. Is there a way to keep a steady income just doing what I'm doing without sexting, or is sexting becoming a big part of this, and that's what everyone wants? If so, how does that work?

Melrose: The way I run my Onlyfans is very content-heavy. I put out a ridiculous amount of monthly content because I keep my subscription high and post everything to the feed. I say this to give context to what I'm about to say because the structure of how I run my Onlyfans is very much like a premium Snapchat, how it used to be done back in the day when that was all the rage. Having that said, the majority of my income comes from DMs from sexing sessions and from going back and forth with fans. And it's five times the revenue I make off the subscriptions, even though my subscription price is high. So I want to emphasize that, and how important it is to be engaged in DMs with fans and spend that time sexing is a huge moneymaker.

The SWCEO Daily Telegram Bot pushes out content ideas, and we write all the captions for you daily. You can take that and film the ones you like and leave the ones who don't. But because everyone isn’t on Telegram, we opened a shop on our website with the same captions and content ideas but in a content calendar format. The Daily Telegram Bot has additional features and filming suggestions that the calendars don’t, but the calendars are a great source of inspiration if Telegram isn’t an option for you.

We also started releasing scripts in the store. We have scripts for overcoming sales objections, closing sales on a custom, and more. Even better news: We release sexting scripts weekly in the store, which are very affordable.

SextPanther is a great way to monetize sexting. And then, of course, the DMS on your fan sites. This especially applies to Onlyfans - that's going to be a huge revenue generator.

So, if you're not a person that sexting comes super naturally to, you can go the script route and just run off the script. Most of the time, you can just copy and paste. You may need to make some adjustments if the fan replies and takes the whole thing off-script. But you can use the script to outline something you can say. The scripts we offer are also suitable for a wide variety of niches. There are kink, vanilla, and girlfriend experience-type scripts, all available in our shop.

Speaker 6: I need help with getting my fans to engage. I’ve tried polls and messaging when they're online individually, so that way, it doesn't show that it's a mass message. I conversate and ask questions. I can't get anyone to respond, so that's another issue I'm having. I can't get these guys to say hi, talk to me, or communicate.

Melrose: There are a few tricks that I've used to do this because my fan base on Onlyfans is super engaged, but that comes from a long time of training them to behave that way. If you're using the SWCEO Daily Telegram Bot, you'll see the calls to action like tip this post, unlock this post, like this post, etc. Having a call to action is going to go a long way.

The other thing you can do is a screen recording showing a tutorial of where to get to the DMs and then posting that and pinning it to your feed. Because many fans sign up for Onlyfans who need to learn where DMs are, the tutorial video can often go a long way.

And then the other thing is to run little games or giveaways to drive them into DMs. So sometimes, when I film a video, if I film bonus content or an extended clip, I will keep that separate, send it, or use it as leverage to get people in DMs. I’ll say, “The first 15 of you that message me this emoji in DMs will get an extended bonus clip," which can drive engagement into DMS.

Use a remote-controlled toy as leverage to get people in DM. Make a post saying, “I'm about to film a video where I let one random person control my toy. DM me if you want the link”, and then everyone will start DMing you. You can pick one person, give them the link, and tell the rest they should have DM’d sooner. This helps train their behavior.

Anon Question: I’m having a problem with my SextPanther auto tweets getting flagged.

Melrose: I'm familiar with all auto-tweets, which negatively affect people's Twitter/X. So here’s the honest answer: turn off all auto-tweets from any platform because Twitter will view them as spam posts, mainly because the same link gets posted each time. It's usually the same autofill caption that gets posted each time. If you're not having issues, leave them on; go for it. Suppose you do not see problems in your impressions or your analytics. In that case, you can leave on because you're probably tweeting enough in value, like enough tweets in general throughout the day, where that isn't negatively impacting your account, or you have enough followers where they're engaging with your tweets enough, so it doesn't negatively impact your account. But if you're seeing issues with auto-tweets, I suggest just turning those bad boys off.

Anon question: I want to know the best way to keep track of customers. I noticed that I have several customers across each platform.

Melrose: I am a huge data fan. And I have this problem too. Because I have multiple platforms, I have super fans who want to be subscribed across all platforms to show their support for me. I like to create either a Google Doc or a Google spreadsheet of all my fans. This is something that takes time. You're not going to get it done overnight. It is not like a weekend project. You will have this doc open in a tab as you respond to DMs and Onlyfans, Fancentro, or upload clips to the clip store, whatever the platform might be. And then, you will have their username across the top and put all the different platforms. Then you start to put in their username across each platform when you realize they're on multiple. This way, you can do Ctrl + F to search for a username, which will bring up their username in that cell. Then, it'll show you their username on all the multiple platforms in that row. You can extend this to include keeping track of users across platforms and adding a note section at the end and a column. So you see all of the different usernames if they are on multiple platforms, all the notes on the user, maybe their address if you want to keep sensitive information like that about where you've shipped some panties in the past, things like that. And their birthday, that's a perfect one to have. This way, you can use that Ctrl + F and search for either username for people's birthdays and then pull from that spreadsheet to go into your DMS utilizing this info. On the spreadsheet, I can go in there and search for today's date. Doing so will bring up every fan’s birthday today. Then, it will show their username on all the platforms, and I can go into each platform and send them a message. Maybe a little custom audio, something easy that I don't need to film. I don't need to be makeup-ready for it and send it because I know where to find them. I find a spreadsheet is super helpful in keeping notes on fans.

Anon Question: How often should we post? Are there bots to help boost us?

Melrose: Regarding NSFW content, as much as you can film and publish consistently. If you can only commit to one new video a week, then that's what your schedule should allow. That's what you should plan to film, edit and publish. And then you'll go and schedule it across platforms.

If you're at a point where you can hire - get a virtual assistant off of Upwork or Fiverr and teach them how they can schedule your content across your platforms so that it's always going up promptly, it doesn't seem random, and the fans know when to expect new content from you. That's important. Regarding social posts, stick to your adult publishing schedule and ensure you're publishing to the same schedule on social media to promote that new content. So, if you have a teaser or trailer, make sure that it gets posted to Twitter or a Safe For Work picture from that shoot that you can post to Instagram to promote your NSFW in a safe-for-work way on social. So, align the adult content and social content if you can. Utilize scheduling tools on Twitter and Instagram. You can schedule content on Instagram with a Creator or Business account. And you can schedule on Twitter through the desktop (not available in the app).

Anon Question: Do you have any ideas for camming games?

Melrose: You can do a countdown that sets a token amount. Have people tip that amount down until you get to zero and then do X in exchange for them completing that countdown. So, say, 2000 tokens gets me topless. Once they finish that countdown to zero, they have to throw those tokens, then you're topless, do the same thing for naked, and do the same thing for some type of NSFW thing.

In terms of more gamified stuff, You can do a wheel spinning game, either an actual wheel like you have a wheel that spins for promotional things. And you can write on it with a dry-erase marker and put different prizes. Or you can do that virtually. A lot of cam sites have games built in. I know Chaturbate has a lot of built-in games, and I was impressed with Stripchat’s range of games. They have a battleship game and all sorts of games that are great that are built in digitally.

And then also, if you're on camera and have a remote-controlled toy, those toys have extensions you can work with and incorporate into OBS or a Chrome extension with games, too. With the Lovense, there’s a toolkit for OBS streaming, and games are also built into it.

Let me give you some old-school games where you can rely on something other than the cam site or any technology. You can do an easy one, which is a countdown or a sticky note game. Put sticky notes on a wall and number them one through 100. I had this massive grid of sticky notes on my wall. Then the fans would tip the number on the sticky note so that tip one to get rid of one, they tip 99 and get rid of 99. And then, on the back of these sticky notes, there would be either nothing or something I would do, like flash my boobs or blow a kiss or whatever. And then, on the back of some sticky notes would be videos, so the fans could win videos for tipping that amount. But once the entire board is cleared, there's the real prize of going topless, staying topless, being naked, or whatever it might be. They win all their prizes once they tip all the sticky notes down. That's an entertaining game to incorporate. It’s like Wheel of Fortune.

But also play games like that hangman game, just drawing on a dry-erase board. You can get creative. I've also used Cards Against Humanity and had the fans tip to fill in the blanks with the cards. If you're using OBS, you can incorporate some online card games, where you can share your screen into your live streams. So you can get really creative.

Anon Question: As a male content creator, how do I get more subscribers on OF, and what type of videos are popular for males to do that will sell?

Melrose: So this one's hard because I'm not a male creator, and I only have a few male creator friends. But one of my male creator friends, Flesh Mechanic, is a rising star in the space and came out of left field, like in January, just started in the industry and blew up. And now he's working with huge female creators in terms of content. I will pass his advice on what type of content to do. He does a lot of Boy/Girl content with creators and with people who aren't creators. So he'll work with amateurs who aren't content creators; they want to remain anonymous but do the paperwork to get tested. And then their face is not included in the content. So that has done well for him because it gives this adventure vibe of making content with real people, which people want to see right now in terms of content. And then also, like, authentic, having fun with other creators. If you have female creators you can work with, at least on a relatively consistent basis, then make contact with them that isn't just serious or strict, scripted, but playful, fun, and light and feels natural to watch. Honestly, the shift in the industry is that people want to see real people having sex. If you can focus your content around that to make it feel authentic, you will have the best shot as a male creator. In terms of getting more subscribers, collaborate as much as possible. Many male creators grow from their collaborations even more strongly than female creators. Collaborations are a great way to grow. So, the more people you collaborate with, the more other creators' audiences you’re exposed to. And that's going to do wonders for your growth.

Additionally, focus on the socials. YouTube shorts are a great way to blow up and drive traffic. TikTok would be second to that. Instagram would be third. The short-form video content is a great way to go viral. Then, funnel your audience over to your spicy platforms. As a male creator, I would figure out your work-facing niches and create content in that realm. So those people can find you and funnel over to your spicy sites. That would be my two cents there.

Speaker (Male Creator): I don’t know what the opposite of a JOI is, but I do those and get a lot of feedback from them. Clapper is another one like TikTok, but it's more open to you being more sexual. And then, moaning clips and videos, women just love it.

Melrose: No, that's true. Male moans are so sexy. That's a fact. Also, we have the content bot, and I try to make it gender-neutral as much as possible. But again, my experience lies in being a female creator. But as far as the opposite of a JOI, I always refer to it as a pussy play instruction video. I don't know if that's a good name. But that's what I've been calling it.

Speaker (Male Creator): Okay, that's what I've also been using. But just for him, I know it's hard as a male creator. It depends on your sexuality as well. It's really important. I've come to notice. But yeah, definitely. Pussy Play Instruction (PPI) is something that I do. And I make my own ASMR. I would say invest in a microphone, if you can, and just have conversations where you compliment them as if you're just sitting there next to them. Tell them, “Have you been a good girl? Have you had a nice day? Have you eaten dinner? Have you drunk water?” things like that? That's my input.

Melrose: I love that—especially the ASMR. From my understanding, I just talked about it the other day. And I wonder if there's like science to this. But the quote was, “Women fall in love with what they hear, and men fall in love with what they see. That's why women wear makeup, and men lie,” But I know as just a female myself, my experience of hearing a male voice say something sexy is a major turn-on for me. So, a male ASMR-like line of contact would be phenomenal for more male creators. I don't see that getting done a lot. And I think that's, that's really cool.

Anon question: What are your feelings on Reddit? I started on Reddit as a private seller, but things have changed. There's no money in that anymore. Also, what are the best ways to grow platforms and fans? I have a few sites that need help growing.

Melrose: If you can figure out Reddit, it is a phenomenal tool to drive traffic. It is hard to exist there, though. They want creators to refrain from selling content. They want free porn, and they don't want anyone that intends to monetize it, so it's a very sticky way of promoting. It can be really effective if you sign up to Reddit and have an account with a random name. It looks like you're just a fan of a creator (hint hint) posting their content and then maybe commenting on how they can be discovered. That could go well for you if you navigate it. Still, Reddit is hard. I'm not an expert on Reddit. I have hired people to help me grow Reddit. It grows slowly and steadily, but the fans that convert for me off of Reddit are typically lower-quality fans. When I look at my Fanwire data, the fans from Reddit typically spend a dollar on average. On average, my fans from Twitter usually pay between $4 and $7.

My fans coming off of Instagram are around the $3 mark. That might be totally different from you. You guys would have to drive and pull your data to see that. But it's not wildly helpful for me to invest in building a presence on Reddit, at least not in any dramatic way.

I still have a Reddit presence. I'm updating it here and there, but it's not a focus because the quality of fans coming from Reddit differs from the quality of fans I'm trying to target. So, that's just my two cents.

In terms of the best way of growing platforms and fans, we talk about this in many different aspects, but I want to mention it because Dom just came up and mentioned Clapper, which is like an adult-friendly TikTok. I only had a little success there. I did initially, and then it fizzled out a bit. But what I have been using and playing around with is Slushy. I'm very impressed with it. I would not say that otherwise because those would typically be sponsored spots. I joined Slushy about a week or so ago. It is very much like an adult TikTok. You can monetize it. You can monetize it by having subscriptions, having things pay to unlock, posting items for free, and the platform is very functional.

I like it a lot. You can make money in the DMs by either having DMs open and free. You can make money in the DMs by having people have to pay to message you. If you have a really clingy fan or you’re a domme, you can make a specific fan pay a particular amount to message you and have all the other fans pay a regular rate. It's very customizable to however you want a structure there. And it's all vertical video. This is appealing to someone like me because if you know my history, I made much of my main content in vertical format. So, I was huge in the premium Snapchat space.

Now I have all of these. I will be doing a lot of vertical videos that people don't like to see on OnlyFans because they have black bars on the side when you post them on OnlyFans. It gives me a nice place to put up my vertical content and keep monetizing my massive library of content.

Aside from the Clapper conversation to the Slushy conversation, I bring this up because Slushy will drive a lot of its own traffic. So what I've noticed in just a week is that I'm getting an incredible amount of fans from Slushy itself from their ecosystem who have never heard of me before, and that's a significant indicator that they have their own traffic. I think Slushy will be a major player that comes into our space.


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