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Sex Work CEO's "Influencer advocacy" program a community based organization of 10+ diverse and esteemed sex workers from variable niches of the sex work community. The Influencer Advocacy group works alongside platforms and brands who want to truly provide sex work-forward products & platforms to the adult space. We are available as a targeted focus group, to sign up, utilize your product, and offer intuitive feedback & suggestions on how it can better service the community.  This feedback will range to everything from features, ease of navigation, branding suggestions and more. After testing the company's product or service, the group will attend an hour zoom call with the company, asking questions, making suggestions, and communicating how they can improve their brand.  

In addition from the influencer advocacy focus group, SWCEO also has the ability to send out email survey's to our community to get an even broader range of opinions and feedback on company products and behaviors. 


The importance of the Influencer Advocacy group is immense. Majority of platforms, products and services in the adult industry are created from the ground up without any feedback from the sex workers they are supposed to serve. Our goal is to offer an easy, effective, and organized approach to companies who wish to  work WITH US, and make more complete, successful products. 

Imagine having well respected, sex work CEO's, who have influence in their community, helping to revise your product or service to better suit performer needs? This streamlines the research and development process, and ensures creators will like what you've released.
Our influencer advocacy group is diverse in backgrounds, experiences, and specialties that will surely give your product or service a well rounded model perspective. There has never been a better collaboration opportunity between companies and the sex workers ensuring your success, until now. 


The current Influencer Advocates for 2021


MelRose Michaels

Webcam model, premium socials performer, fan site model, clips star, customs video creator, PPV DMs specialist, merchandising manager, marketer, model educator, business consultant.


Amberly Rothfield

Phone sex operator, clip creator, webcam model, best-selling author, performer marketing & business consultant.


Sofia Rose

Plus size trailblazer, award winning adult performer, webcam model, veteran fetish content creator,  brand ambassador, social media influencer, public speaker, model coach, studio consultant, & humanitarian.


Saint Devera

Webcam model, premium socials performer, fan site model, clips star, customs video creator, PPV DMs specialist, jewelry merchandising manager, marketer.


Jessie Sage

Published writer, educator, podcast host, sex worker, phone sex operator. clip star, custom content creator, audio smut artist. 



Multi Award Winning Adult Webcam Model, Published Cosplayer, Gamer Stream, Premium Social Media Creator and Manager, Red Carpet Host, Indie Adult Film Producer, Talent Educator, Adult Panelist, Award Show Host, Glamour Model, Adult Social Media Influencer


Jada Kai

Professional Adult Performer, amateur content creator, fan site model and manager, social media influencer, former professional figure skater for Team USA and the Philippines.


Jackie Knight

Adult Video Producer and Director, Pornhub and XBIZ Nominated,  Commercial Actor, Former USAF Special Operations and Undercover Investigator

IMG_8511 2.jpg

Chrissy LeBlanc

Award-winning webcam model, premium socials performer, fansite model, clips star, custom video creator, award-winning cosplay crafter and model, photo editor, Co-Producer for MyPerfectHarem studio, and brand ambassador for multiple brands


Sir Von Harem

Co-Producer of MyPerfectHarem studio, webmaster for our award-winning site, award-nominated webcam model, award-nominated clips star, business consultant for adult sites, videographer, video editor, brand ambassador, & sales consultant




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While the influencers above will be the main panel for our Influencer Advocate group for 2021, it doesn't mean you are left without a voice! 

We conduct occasional 'surveys' via email that allow for YOU to give your feedback and suggestions on company's new products and services as well!

In addition to that, at times we might NEED MORE ADVOCATES in a specific 'niche' of the industry! If you fit the niche we're looking for, you may be asked to temporarily fill an influencer advocate seat and be PAID to partake in providing feedback to companies!

Email us to become an advocate today!



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