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VOD: Not Just for Studios

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Blog Post Written By: Amberly Rothfield


Video on Demand; most of us know of the titans of the industry but we think it is just for studios. Sleeping dragons, there is next to no competition for more amateur creators but the demand is there. So why aren’t more models looking to well established sites, with tons of internal traffic, wonderful affiliate programs and again… next to no competition? Let’s examine it.

Video on Demand and DvDs are DEAD!

No, they aren’t. What are clip sites or even fan sites other than micro video on demand? There are MANY who use sites like HotMovies and Adult Empire. Full disclosure, I work for Adult Empire and can tell you first hand about the copious amounts of DvD orders that come in. Also, despite my affiliation with, this article really works for ANY VOD site.

Think like a fan when it comes to having something physical. Records are coming back into popularity, despite few people owning record players. They are a piece of memorabilia and porn fans are similar. Especially with the rise of indie and bespoke stars mixed with the acceptance of sex workers in society; has increased the demand of physical merch.

Besides just the physical, sites like HotMovies and Adult Empire have such high authority with search engines, that they aren’t trying to get models to push them. (Not saying they wouldn’t mind it though). You can hit entirely different markets that may not be on social media, yes… there are many who aren’t!

Get Rewarded

Did you know that many of the top awards in our industry use sites like HotMovies and Adult Empire to validate submissions? That isn’t to say you can’t get nominated and NOT be on these sites, but it does make it far more likely. These sites were one of the first to sell digital porn content and have 20 plus year pedigrees. With so much trust in the industries, it makes them a good marker for how a title is doing, how popular a performer is and how fans are reacting to the content.

Need proof? I come with receipts! Look at many of the submission requirements for the bigger award shows for categories that aren’t fan voted (not knocking fan voting by the way). Many state that the performer has to have been in a title listed on such sites within a certain time period.

No Production Team Needed?

The last thing that tends to stop models who know all of the above is the production teams they believe they need. You DON’T NEED to do anything differently (for the most part) than what you are doing now. You may have to put multiple clips together in order to have longer-formed content (for that I would suggest looking up norms for VOD content for your core niches that you cater to) but you can literally repurpose the content you are selling elsewhere today.

If you have proper 2257, model agreements and rights to use the content; you are ready to go! You will need a ‘box cover’ but you can easily make that in Canva and other image creation sites for free. I would suggest getting familiar with FTP clients, but there are many Youtube tutorials to help you with this process. Once you have the right login information, you can drag and drop the content they have asked for, and voila!

In closing, just because you see few on a site that seem to be similar to you… don’t discount it! It could mean you get to be the trailblazer. Every piece of content you create should be monetized in as many ways as you can possibly think of. Make that 2 hours to clip creation, editing, uploading etc work FOR YOU. VOD sites should not be slept on and honestly can help boost your career to people who never would have seen you (both in and out of the industry).

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the blog post above are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SexWorkCEO or MelRose Michaels. Any content provided by our bloggers or authors are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.


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