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Sex Work CEO Spotlight

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Ft. Saint Devera


At Sex Work CEO we like to shine the spotlight on sex workers building substantial businesses both inside, and outside of the adult space. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Saint Devera, an industry newcomer who’s shaking up the space. Saint first got his foot in the door at 18yrs old, venturing secretly into live webcam when he found himself out of work, and looking for something outside his retail experience.

His initial webcam career didn’t last long, and he had soon resumed the usual 9 to 5. However, in the wake of the pandemic, Saint made the decision to re-enter the sex work, and this time with every intention to make a name for himself, and that’s exactly what he did.

While the sex industry is commonly misunderstood, Saint’s brand has become unmistakeable. He’s dominated his niche of the internet, giving extreme attention to his audience and sifting through what their individual needs are. Saint has made sure he can monetize desire as he sees fit, while carrying on a meaningful relationship with his fans in a way that leaves them satisfied but wanting more. At first glance, his appearance would mislead one into thinking he’s simply a successful adult influencer with a love of designer things, but his story couldn’t be further from the truth. “People think I'm intimidating, or that I was born with a silver spoon, but both are untrue. I see why people think that, because on social media I come off a certain way, but I come from super humble beginnings and I'm an extremely warm person, '' Devera told SWCEO.

Typically when someone young and successful becomes a topic of conversation, the impression is that it’s been handed to them. However a lot of young success happening currently in our economic landscape stems from the boom in sex work post pandemic, and Saint’s career is no exception. Saint defines an entrepreneur as “someone who has a dream to make some kind of change or impact on the world. It’s someone who has goals of self sufficiency, and the desire and determination not to work under someone else”. By this definition it’s clear why he too considers sex workers as true entrepreneurs.

There are a handful of skills that play into becoming a successful Sex Work CEO and entrepreneur, when asking Devera which he felt were most important, he replied “Organization and Consistency! These two things, when working in unison, are the key to running a successful business inside and outside of sex work”. We couldn’t agree more, which made us curious about Saint’s mainstream business ventures.

Earlier this year, Saint Devera released his own jewelry line, “Saint Sinner”, which is available online at, featuring affordable quality pieces, encouraging customers to ‘mix their metals’ and ‘catch a vibe’. “I bought a lot of cheap jewelry that would last 2 or 3 wears and be trashed after, and the jewelry that was quality was just too expensive or not accessible enough to me. That’s why Saint Sinner was born, so I could provide jewelry with a luxurious look and feel, that will last and isn’t going to break the bank” Saint explained.

Devera’s biggest challenge when deciding to launch the company came down to capital. Which is a common place entrepreneurs find themselves in our economy. That’s what makes sex work such a complimentary facet of the current day startup space, because the boom in fan sites is allowing sex workers to self fund mainstream business ventures without having to take on debt in the form of business or personal loans. “When you’re first starting something like this, you don’t truly know if it’ll be a success, so I went back and forth a lot about how much I actually wanted to invest initially” Saint told SWCEO. Ultimately, Devera’s risk assessment paid off, as he doubled his initial investment in the first 30 days of launching Saint Sinner jewelry.

While there’s no ‘direct link’ between Saint Devera’s sex work brand and his jewelry line, one does pay homage to the other. “I tie in my sex work in my product names, for example I have a choker called “Choked in Chastity” and another necklace called “Power Play” Devera explains. When asked if any of his business skills from sex work overlapped into his Saint Sinner brand, Devera said, “Oh for sure! I pretty much use entirely the same skills for both businesses. Whether it’s marketing, photography, or even just customer service, at the end of the day a lot of it comes down to the exact same skill set.”

As an outsider looking in, Saint might appear as an exception to the rule. One of the ‘rare’ cases where a sex worker has been able to crossover and build a mainstream business. But it’s clear that he’s been disciplined, and removed ‘luck’ out of the equation by substituting it with a fierce work ethic. When asked if there was anything he wished he’d known about becoming a serial entrepreneur, he replied, “That I could have started sooner. I wasted a lot of time contemplating if success would even be an option to me. And it was. It is, it really is. But giving myself the time and space to do so was also a huge factor in my success”. Paying respect to the fact that everyone’s journey is their own and shouldn’t be judged on one singular ‘timeline’.

In terms of what is next for Saint Sinner jewelry, Saint told SWCEO, “I’m releasing many new designs this year, and am working on planning pop-ups to sell my pieces in person, which is really exciting because i’ll be partnering up with a ton of my creative friends for collaborations!” Wen asked if Saint identifies with the concept of being a Sex Work CEO, he replied, “Yes,I am a Sex Work CEO.” Explaining that, to him the term is just an extension of being an entrepreneur, with the addition of not “letting societal stigmas or shame hold you back”. This, in of itself is typically what does keep sex workers from attempting to launch mainstream businesses. Just the idea of building something made for the daylight, being overshadowed by a career under bright lights can be enough to stop sex workers in their tracks. Before SWCEO wrapped up our interview with Saint, we had one final question to ask. If you could offer one piece of advice to entrepreneurs around the world, what exactly would it be? “Well,” Saint began, “You never know when the next great opportunity will come knocking, and sometimes you’re going to want to give up.. But it’s usually in those moments that something transformative happens and turns your entire business around. Just have the patience to take the journey with all of its twists and turns. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

With that, we hope you’re inspired to begin the first steps towards a journey of your own. Brick by brick, building an empire that stands the test of time, and doubles down on all the skills your sex work experience has taught you along the way. Be fearless in your pursuit of all things that seem impossible and improbable. It only takes one person to pave the way, and demonstrate that everything we’ve imagined for ourselves is within reach, although often outside our comfort zones.

So much gratitude to Saint Devera for speaking to SWCEO, about his career and ventures. We wish you nothing but success!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the blog post above are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SexWorkCEO or MelRose Michaels. Any content provided by our bloggers or authors are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.



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