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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Blog Post Written By: MelRose Michaels

Making the Most of the New Model Tag

A huge mistake made by a lot of new cam models — including a young MelRose Michaels — is not to make the most of your ‘new model’ profile on a cam site. Even if you’ve only done fan content, camming can be a great way to add big cash to your bank account while experimenting with a new revenue stream.

The ‘new model’ tag on a cam site — the section where they highlight, you guessed it, new models — gets a TON of attention from visitors. It’s your chance to really shine. But it doesn’t last forever (in fact, usually just two weeks). While I’m mainly a creator now, I worked for years as a successful cam model. Here are my tips for maximizing your first few weeks and translating that into long-term success.

Plan for Two Weeks or Bust

You might think your first cam show is an experiment, but if you don’t commit to the full two week run, you’re wasting an incredible opportunity. This is a chance for both immediate money and long-term fans. During those two weeks, you’ll have thousands of potential eyeballs — which won’t be there when you go back into the general pool. So set up a two week schedule with at least five camming sessions a week at a regular time, and make sure to stick to it. They’re giving you valuable free traffic, and thousands of potential new fans, so don’t half-ass the new model period.

Get Fans to Favorite or Follow You

Most cam sites have their own ways to have someone follow you. When you’re new, you want as many people as possible to add you to their favorites list. Usually, that means they get an alert when you’re on, or they see you in the grid if you’re on when they are. Make sure you’re asking people to follow, and letting them know when and where they can find you.

Don’t Take the Money for Granted

My first week doing a live webcam I earned $7,000 and I couldn’t believe it! It all seemed so easy, so I took a few weeks off to spend the money. When I came back, no one was there! It was like nails on a chalkboard. Even if you do a full two weeks, your new fans expect you to keep going. If it turns out you don’t like camming — and it’s not for everyone — feel free to leave and never come back. But if you do like it, and you like the money, you need to keep it up. Even a small break, especially when you’re first getting your foothold on a platform, can lose potential fans before they get attached to you.

Know That, No Matter What, You Will See A Drop

It’s not your fault, but once you’re off the “new model” page, you will see a significant drop in fans and income. Don’t take it personally! Make the most of it while you have it, but understand that there’s going to be hard work to come regardless.

Gaining Fans Beyond “New Model”

Even if you’ve made the same mistake I did, and abandoned my ‘new model’ status in favor of spending the money, all is not lost. But it’s also not easy. When I came back a few weeks later, all that was gone. I had no traffic. I had a handful of fans that I made that first week but I had to pick everything up from zero and kind of start from square one. Here’s a few ways to recover:

Social Media: If you’ve got a big following, you’ve likely got a sizable percentage who will pay to see you live. But remember that consumers are fickle. Not everyone has a cam account, or an account on your cam site. It may take some time to bring people over, even if you have a big following.

Special Events: Can be more effective than at bringing in new fans — especially fans that don’t normally watch cams — than a generic cam show. Give them a reason to show up today.

Livestream Sessions with Other Models: If you’re able to cam with other models, it can help expose you to new fans. However, your ability to do so will depend on where you live, your ability to travel, and what your comfort level is performing with another person.

Work: Once that tag falls off, you have to put in your hours, every day or at least five days a week. Treat it like a job and stay consistent because in a livecam setting your fans need to know when and where to find you online. Knowing when to tune in and doing so regularly is how you nurture the ecosystem of a Fanbase.

The good news is that, despite my early misstep, I became one of the highest grossing cam models on the entire platforms, for several years running. It can be done. But don’t abandon your “new model” moment any sooner than you have to. Milk that new model for all it’s worth — then look back and evaluate if camming is right for you.


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