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Charlotte Stokely Reveals How The Cupcake Girls Are Revolutionizing Support for Sex Workers

SWCEO Interviews Charlotte Stokely

Blog Post Written By: MelRose Michaels


The Cupcake Girls is an industry organization that some of you may know, some may never have heard of, and many of you may have heard a lot about.

MelRose Michaels sat down with Charlotte Stokely in a recent Twitter Space to set the record straight and discuss what The Cupcake Girls is and what it isn't. The following blog is an excerpt from that interview.

Charlotte Stokely is a 14-time lesbian performer of the year, AVN Hall of Fame winner, and certified sex educator and health coach. She has also been chairwoman of The Cupcake Girls organization for three years running.

MelRose Michaels: Welcome, Charlotte. It's wonderful to have you here. To start, could you share a bit about your background and your journey to becoming involved with the Cupcake Girls?

Charlotte Stokely: I've always loved being in front of the camera. I'm a Leo, so the attention has never been something I shy away from. More profoundly, I have an intense passion for understanding the human body in every possible way—psychologically, biologically, and sexually. My career in the adult industry started 20 years ago, but it was my empathy for others that truly guided my path toward activism and, ultimately, to The Cupcake Girls.

MelRose Michaels: That’s a considerable amount of time in such a challenging industry. What exactly does the Cupcake Girls organization do, and how did you find yourself a part of it?

Charlotte Stokely: The Cupcake Girls provides an array of support for sex workers, ranging from mental health services to legal aid and medical care. We ensure that these services are accessible to sex workers in a completely judgment-free environment. Before joining, I started my own company aimed at offering similar services, but when I met the team at the Cupcake Girls, I realized that combining forces would create a stronger impact.

MelRose Michaels: There have been some misconceptions about the organization in the past. How have you addressed these since joining?

Charlotte Stokely: Thank you for bringing that up. Initially, the organization faced criticism for allegedly encouraging sex workers to leave the industry. However, that was never our mission. Since I joined, we've worked hard to reshape our goals and our team. We've brought in more people with actual experience in the industry to ensure our services truly reflect the needs and the respect that sex workers deserve.

MelRose Michaels: With such a diverse range of services, how do you ensure the organization meets the unique needs of sex workers?

Charlotte Stokely: It’s about listening and adapting. We've expanded our services to include everything from child custody support to financial aid and housing assistance. Each program is tailored to address the specific challenges faced by sex workers. We also have a strong focus on mental health, providing access to vetted professionals who understand the unique pressures of the industry.

MelRose Michaels: Given the ongoing debate about sex work versus sex trafficking, how does the Cupcake Girls approach this sensitive distinction?

Charlotte Stokely: That’s an excellent question. There’s a lot of confusion out there. Sex trafficking is non-consensual and exploitative, fundamentally different from consensual sex work. Our role is to educate both the public and policymakers about the difference, advocating for decriminalization and rights for sex workers and ensuring they are protected rather than penalized.

MelRose Michaels: Looking ahead, what are the future goals for The Cupcake Girls, and how can the community support your efforts?

Charlotte Stokely: Moving forward, we aim to deepen our advocacy efforts and expand our reach. Community support is vital. Whether it’s through donations, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, every little bit helps us empower more people. And for those interested, we’re always looking for individuals to join our board or become community activators to help drive our mission forward. To see how you can make a difference, visit our website here.

MelRose Michaels: Thank you, Charlotte, for sharing your insights and the impactful work of the Cupcake Girls. It’s been enlightening.

Charlotte Stokely: Thank you for giving me the platform to discuss our work. Together, I believe we can make a significant difference.


Some parts of the above interview have been condensed or edited for clarity. Listen to the entire Twitter space for the full interview.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the interview are those of the guest speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SexWorkCEO or MelRose Michaels. Anything said or written is of their opinion and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone else.


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