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CEO Society: The Secret Sex Worker Community Everyone’s Talking About

Blog Post Written By: Melrose Michaels


I am thrilled to introduce you to something we've been keeping under wraps but are finally ready to share: CEO Society, our exclusive private community for adult content creators. It's no surprise that it's already taking off and is one of the best-kept secrets of the adult creator community that you're missing out on right now.

What is CEO Society?

CEO Society is a private, members-only community specifically designed for adult content creators who are eager to elevate their game, connect with like-minded individuals, and access top-notch resources to grow their business. We saw a need for a dedicated space where creators could find support, get accountability, and thrive together on a business level—all for free.

Our Mission and Values

The mission of CEO Society is simple: to empower adult creators by providing the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed within a safe space. We believe in fostering a positive, inclusive, and motivating environment where every member feels valued and inspired. Our core values are collaboration, continuous improvement, and mutual respect.

Why Join CEO Society?

Here are some of the key benefits of joining the CEO Society:

  1. Access to a Network of Like-Minded Creators: Your business community can significantly impact your success. There's a saying I love: "Your net worth is your network." In CEO Society, we are building a massive network of adult creators in a safe, closed group where we can share openly without the prying eyes of fans.

  2. Exclusive Resources: Inside the community, you'll find free courses & tutorials, early access to new tools, and valuable advice from top creators. For instance, just today, Mistress Quynn shared a Notion template to organize and track content—it's there for you to use for free!

  3. Daily Virtual Co-Working Spaces: We host virtual co-working sessions every weekday at 11 a.m. Central Time. These sessions start with a 5-minute "Wake-Up Call" to share goals and tasks, followed by a 50-90 minute quiet work block. This structure helps maximize productivity and maintain focus.

  4. Leaderboard and Gamification: As you interact and contribute to the community, you earn points and level up on our leaderboard, unlocking exclusive perks like free courses, live Q&A sessions, masterminds, and even mentoring opportunities with me.

How to Join CEO Society

We prioritize privacy and safety, so there's an approval process to join. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the CEO Society homepage.

  2. Read through the message and watch the short video explaining the process.

  3. Request to join the community, answer three questions, screenshot your answers, and DM them to us on SexWork CEO Twitter or Instagram.

Our turnaround time for approvals is within 24 hours, but often much faster. Once approved, read the pinned posts for important information and introduce yourself to the group.

What Sets Us Apart?

CEO Society offers interaction and engagement that you won’t find in our broadcast-only Telegram channel. In this interactive space, you can post, chat with other members, ask questions, and contribute to the community. The more value you add, the quicker you level up the leaderboard.

Live Events

We even host live events that YOU can attend and receive immense value from.

Co-working spaces: Our co-working spaces offer accountability, routine, and productivity. They provide a structured environment where you can work alongside others, share goals, and stay motivated. Plus, we offer breakout rooms for private discussions and collaborations. These co-working spaces happen on weekdays at 11 am Central. There is no need to be camera-ready, either. You can keep your mic and camera off since it's a really low-pressure environment. The room is quiet but the chat is always full of support and fun!

Live Q&A sessions: Join me for live Q&A sessions. These 30-minute sessions are designed to address your burning questions, tackle challenges, and provide valuable insights to help you grow. Can't make it live? Don't worry! Each session will be recorded and posted in our community's Classroom section, along with a PDF of key points.

Gamification and Rewards

The CEO Society's gamified nature encourages active participation. You earn points for posts, comments, and engagement, which help you level up and unlock exclusive rewards like exclusive courses, Q&As, special rewards, and mentoring sessions.

Join Us!

CEO Society is designed to be a dynamic, engaging community where everyone thrives together. By joining, you'll gain access to invaluable resources, a supportive network, and the opportunity to fast-track your growth. I hope to see you there!


If you enjoyed this blog, you'd really love the Twitter Space we did focusing on this topic. I dropped so many goodies that I couldn't fit above, so make sure you check it out!

Have a question or comment about this topic? DM or tag @sexworkceo on Twitter and Instagram, or send us an email. We're always here to help; it's what we love to do! Want to be part of the conversation? Join us on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. CST on Twitter, where we discuss new topics weekly to help take your adult content creator business to the next level.



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